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Varchild2008 (84.35)

American Communism



November 06, 2008 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: GM , F , FSLR

The following Sectors of America's economy are now Communist (which means taken over in part or whole by the Federal Government through stock purchases, guaranteed loans, or subsidizing):

1) Insurance Companies   (AIG)

2) Mortgage Companies  (FME, FRE)

3) Commerical and Investment Banks   (JPM)

4) Infrastructure 

5) Military Defense   (built on government contracting much more so than the 1980s)

6) Agriculture

The following Sectors of America's economy will soon become Communist under the Obama Administration:

5) Alternative Energy  (FSLR)

6) Automotive & Transportation   (GM, F)

7) Agriculture : Ethynol and other areas more so than now

8) Infrastructure :  Areas of this sector not subsidized heavily or at all will be when Obama rolls out his "Civilian Public Works" projects.

In short....  America which has already to a large degree morphed from a Free Market Capitalist Society to one more resembling CUBA every day is going to erode further into  Communism.

While supporters of Obama are expecting FREE LUNCHES  ("I don't have to buy my gas anymore! I don't have to purchase my Mortgage anymore!  I don't have to take care of myself and work hard anymore!  Obama will save me!  save me Lord Jesus Obama Saviour.")

Truth is that this whole theme of being angry about the gap between rich and poor widening as somehow a BAD THING will not end up where the poor people get richer while the rich get poorer.

What will happen is the poor we remain the same as they are now while the Rich get poorer.
The gap will shrink but it won't mean a thing for the Middle Class workers other than they get to keep their jobs, guaranteed by the Federal Government through Federal Aid programs.

When any not mentioned sector of the economy takes a severe plunge next year and beyond the Democrat elected will resort to Federal Aid programs and strengthening subsidizing money and bailout programs and forced mergers, de-mergers, you name it...  The government will simply RUN people's businesses for them rather than letting Free and Independant C.E.Os and Employees run them.

In a time in American culture where LIBERALISM is COOL....DUDES!!!  Yeah!  Narly!  Hang 10! Where's my Free Lunch?

The Republican party must seek to change YOUNG VOTER's honeymoon with Liberalism and Communism by simply making them believe in themselves and no longer afraid to fail.

Young People (fear) failure because public school systems teach them that there should not be failure and any culture that allows someone to fail without aiding them is a corrupt culture.

In order for the Republican Party to regenerate itself.... It needs to educate Young People, primarily those who go to College for a College Degree.

How is this accomplished?  Simple....  It is accomplished by encouraging the introduction of courses to Universities and Colleges that do not have those courses:

1)  Wall Street Investing  and Financial Responsibility:      Many large universities don't teach this.

2)  Ethics and Morals:    Universities don't teach this... They teach people to disregard ethics and morals and holding people accountable because Liberal Politicians must be elected at all cost.

3) Entrepreneurialism:   Many universities boast having successful, award winning, entrepreneurial programs and classes and degrees.  Yet, I have seen in my own alma mater how truly lacking these courses are.  They are 180 degrees backwards from actual entrepreneur programs.  Liberal Awards Magazines place awards on these failed, pathetic, programs to mislead everyone into believing in a Liberalized version of Entrepreneurism. 

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#1) On November 06, 2008 at 11:10 AM, edwjm (99.90) wrote:

Communism?  That is an overstatement.

Socialism is more like it.

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#2) On November 06, 2008 at 11:23 AM, Jhana9 (21.02) wrote:

I don't like to get into conspiracy theories, but I think Obama is secretly planning to abolish the rush to communism and totalitarianism under the Republican administration. I think Obama saw that communism and totalitarianism was the new wave and hooked his wagon to that movement by Republicans. If you noticed, he didn't get all worked over Ayers and Wright accusations; an obvious ploy to make people even more sure he was anti-American so that more people would support him. I'm pretty sure this is why he got a lot of Republican votes.

Just wait until people see that he can't hold a candle to the commie surge of Bush, Cheney, and Paulson. I think he made it pretty obvious in his election night speech when he was going off about how great America is; that guy is gonna be expecting us to work hard, sacrifice, and make the country better.

Man, people are going to be so disappointed when they watch the surge to communism under the Republicans just come to a grinding halt. I don't think he'll do it overnight. It will gradual, but in the end, that guy is gonna destroy the communism of Bush/Cheney/Paulson.

I give him one term before voters turn him out and demand we go back to the extreme communism we have now. 

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#3) On November 06, 2008 at 12:01 PM, Ph1sh55 (29.27) wrote:

OP you need to get out of the talk radio echo chamber.

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#4) On November 06, 2008 at 6:35 PM, Varchild2008 (84.35) wrote:

Communism is an understatement to the $10 Trillion defit we have racked up.

And it really doesn't matter that BUSH became the worst of the worst because the deficit is easily blamed on even Clinton who thought he could GUT the military to reduce the deficit and by doing so created a global terrorism mess that we have had to clean up with more money than Clinton cut.

So.. a lot of what is blamed on Bush starts with Clinton.

People love to say Bush is to blame for the deficit for spending billions of dollars on the Global War on Terrorism.

But I am pretty sure had this war been fought in the early 90s, it would not have been as pricy as has been today.

People forget a simple concept.  The more you ignore problems, the bigger then become later on.

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#5) On November 06, 2008 at 7:25 PM, Jhana9 (21.02) wrote:

It really is Reagan's fault. It was under Reagan that the deficit really accelerated (true--check the data). That caused the late-90's emergence of the Republican controlled Congress (communists, all of them), as a backlash to Clinton (who was reducing the deficit). And that's when the military got gutted, bled, aged until tender, BBQ'ed, and served with a cold beer.

Therefore Reagan is also a communist. Few people know that, but yeah, a real commie that Reagan.

Bush should never have invaded Iraq in order to spread his version of communism. Al Qaeda wasn't in Iraq. I think Bush deliberately let Bin Laden go free so that Bush could have an excuse to keep deficit spending, all under the guise of "war on terror". It allowed him to implement his secret communist plan for America. I am sure he deliberately screwed up the war in Iraq (I mean who could have accidently screwed it up that badly!) so he could keep spending.

We'll all be working on collective farms before the year is up. That's when Obama, who is a closet capitalist is going to implement his secret plan to dismantle Bush's communism. Then we'll get the rebellion to overthrow that rotten capitalist Obama, and go back to being placid sheep under Sara Palin's United Socialist States of America. Joe The Plumber will be Assistant Czar.

It's all clear to me now. 


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