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alstry (< 20)

America...You Better Wake Up Soon



January 13, 2010 – Comments (4)

Or you we will NOT have much to wake up to.......soon you will understand that mathematically, based on current policies, conditons MUST get worse....MUCH WORSE.

When the Fed encourages our families, businesses, cities, counties, schools, hospitals, universities, and states to over leverage on easy terms.....and then the Fed changes the bankruptcy laws, raises interest rates, and cuts off credit......our domestic consumption based economy will shut down to where there is practically no economy left.

It is amazing that Wall Street bankers are basking in billions of taxpayer bonuses when they should be just as insolvent as the homeowners they are foreclosing on........AND THE CITIZENS BEND OVER AND REMAIN SILENT AND THINK THAT IS OK.

We have become a nation of sheep where we have no problem being scanned naked while the politicians who serve us fly on private jets and we say nothing.

The local hospital where I live is turning away poor patients for the first time yet we send billions overseas for who knows what????

Almost everything you own is simply valued based on debt....and now practially everything in our economy is levered so high that it will impossible to collectively service due to the Fed pulling private credit, raising interest rates and paying practically nothing on savings.

Our nation is going broke while the bankers are getting rich.........but it is OK.....we go to war for one reason......our kids die.......and yet when we find out the reasong was a lie......we remain silent.

We lost about 25,000,000 jobs last year....we are likley to lose much more this year.  Our nation is simply shutting down and much of what we do is being outsourced.

It is not really a big deal....some call it progress.  If you think about it, why should you earn so much when Wall Street can take your job and do it overseas for a fraction of the cost.

Personally, I think it is OK...but when all your costs remain high and your income will feel the consequences.  You think bankers should get free money and you pay high rates???  Benny the B knows exactly what he is doing....he knows conditions are getting worse....much we simply sit back watch his buddies drain our pension and retirement funds dry.

Ask yourself.....what self respectiing politician would bail out bankers and let those same insolvent bankers tighten credit, raise interest rates and fees, and foreclose on his or her constituents?

Here is just a small sample of our fellow citizens who lost jobs today and businesses that closed forever.....while you are being told conditions are getting better.  When enough citizens are unemployed...we as a nation will be mathematically unable to support our politicians.....guess what they are going to do to you then when they owe you so much in entitlements........

Eby Construction Co - 8

Fort Worth Star Telegram - 28

Federal  Reserve of Atlanta - 55

Applied Micro Circuits Corp. - 11% of Staff

The Code Monkeys - Undergoing Staff Reductions 

Pelco - 100

Kira Inc Contractor  at Fort Carson - 61

Oklahoma State Mental Facilities - 45 Notices

Natus Medical Inc - 50

The Saugerties School District - 8

The Abilene Russell Stover - Temporary Layoffs

City of Anaheim Ca - 11

Update: City of Reno - 12 Nonunion

Jersey Shore - 2

City of Winooski VT - 3

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools - More Job Cuts Possible

Village of Freeport - Proposes 4

Indiana State University - Up to 100 Positions 

Update: Mayor Tim Davlin Springfield IL Plan - 15 Layoffs Now and Total of 55

Illinois Lost More Than 50,000 Manufacturing Jobs 

Northern Berkshire Healthcare - 19

City of Williamsport - 2 in the Coming Weeks

Dearborn Public Schools - 30

Town of Normal IL - 5

Cloud Nine Natural Store in Augusta Ga

World Wide Travel in Galesburg 

Capozio's Restaurant in South Michigan 

Morton's the Steakhouse in Annapolis 

Disney Store at Yorktown Center

Ligne Roset in North Minneapolis 

StarTek Closing Thunder Bay Facility in Victoriaville Mall

HM Revenue & Customs ( International ) 130 Tax Offices

Art & Clay in Lancaster 

2 Brookshire Grocery Stores in Jackson Mississippi Area

The Uno Chicago Grill restaurant in Spotsylvania Va  

The Clear Haven Centre ( International ) 

Foodservice Division of Hoffmaster Group Inc Suspends Production at its West Haven Facility

Switzerland's Lonza Group Closing 3 Sites - 175 Jobs Lost

Renault ( International ) to Shut Down Production of its Clio Model in Spain and Slovenia 

Update Kiddie Kandids Closes 184 Studios

Update: The two area Kalamazoo Kmart Stores Will Close Feb 14

Apple River Middle Illinois Possible Closing 

Tabu Ultra Lounge and Nightclub in Saugus MA Closing?

Market Place Gifts and The Walking Co. Both Closing in Boise Mall

Maestro's Cafe in Statesville NC?

The Book Mark in Mount Pleasant 

Tacoma’s Bronze Works in WA

Rainbow Children's Center in Coshocton 

2 Loveland Colorado Restaurants 

Chester Middle School in VA 

Raytheon to Close Derry Plant ( International )

Dry Bridge Station Train Store in Mount Airy

John-Richard Furniture in Tennessee  

Thiele Manufacturing in Somerset County Closed for Good?

Eastcoast Music Mall in Danbury CT

Monkeytown in Williamsburg  

Sollenberger's Engraving & Awards in Chambersburg

Bodhi Tree Bookstore in La

Home Town Furniture in Barstow Ca

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Retail Store

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#1) On January 14, 2010 at 2:08 AM, wvillegas007 (< 20) wrote:

Alstry, You are a true Patriot. Thank you for keeping us well informed. None of this information is found on the mainstream media. You have made the majority of us aware of the true status of our economy. Keep up the good work. We are listening!!!

 If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their  currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of  all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs. – Thomas Jefferson (1809) 

America... Private Banks( Federal Reserve) already control the issuance of our currency. We are now waking up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered... What will we do about it!!!



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#2) On January 14, 2010 at 2:53 AM, NOTvuffett (< 20) wrote:

Alstry, didn't you get the memo?  The government has now saved or created 2 million jobs, lol.  What a joke, that term has no meaning.

At this point how could we ever repay our debt without inflating our currency?  Even when to we come to that point, there is no effort to curtail govt spending.


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#3) On January 14, 2010 at 4:23 PM, traderpat9 (74.51) wrote:

Alstry-as i watch the news channels tell us unemployment is holding at 10% i wonder how dumb they think we are. so many people have dropped from the unemployment ranks that the numbers are not even close. i know of no one who has paid their bills on time getting any kinds of benefits from any banks or our government. i know countless people in the past 18 months that have watched their businesses close as things get outsourced & have not had any interviews after they lose their jobs they have spent 20 years doing plus losing all the benefits they thought they had when they agreed to work for this company. we are printing so much money that DHL raised my wifes company shipping costs overseas from $60.00 per parcel in 2009 to $110.00 in 2010. i feel that everyone in america is just waiting for a government miracle that will make everyting better-when they have already sold our souls to the highest foreign bidder. traderpat9

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#4) On January 14, 2010 at 4:31 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

I doubt there will be any miracle........

Just decreasing the workforce by 8% leaves 12,000,000 Americans who are not working anymore not counted as unemployed.

If they were counted, which they should be, the reported unemployment number would be about 20%.

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