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An open letter to Home Depot...



May 09, 2013 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: HD

And  why  LORDZ  cannot  recommend  Home  Depot.

The  Lordz  was  in  the  market  for  a  new  grill.

After  doing some  research ,  I   decided  to  go  with  a  weber  charcoal  grill.

I placed  my  online  order  thru  home  depot  and  decided ~ selected  to  have  them  assemble  my  grill for me.

I  went  thru  all  the  procedures  I  was  suppose  to,  gave  them  my  credit  card  information, had  them  charge my  card  ~~  blah blah blah  ~~~  waited  for  them  to  send  me  confirmation  ~  normally  it would  take  about  15 minutes  if  not quicker  to  assemble  a  weber  grill  ~  and   home  depot  gives  you  the  option  of   deciding  when  to  pick up  the  order  ~  however ~  you  have  to  wait  for  a  confirmation  that  your  order  is  ready  for  pick up  and  generally  have  customers wait  a  few  hours  before  they  can  pick up  most  in  stock  items.

Anyways,  like  I  was  saying  I  opted  for  them  to  assemble  my  grill  for me  and  I  was  excited when  I  received   an  email  from  them  stating  that my  order  was  ready to  be  picked up.

I  had  placed  my order  around  5 pm   and   I   had  selected  the  earliest  pick up time  available  according  to  their  system  of  8 pm  ~   I  ordered   the  $149  weber gold  series grill  ~  along  with  a  cover  for the grill,  2  different  kinds  of  charcoal,  and   some  lighter  fluid.   nothing  too  extravagant  my  order  came  to  just under  $200.00

Anyways  I  got  an email confirmation  around  6:30  pm  that my  order  was  available  for pick up.

I  was  impressed until  I  went  to the store and  received one  of  the more  piss poor  horrible  customer experiences  of  my  life.

Apparently  that  home  depot  had  decided  that  I  was  not important  and  that  it  really didn't  matter  that  my  grill  be  assembled,   they  decided  to  begin a  series  of  lies  and  stupidity  almost immediately  with  my  first contact  with  the lady  at  customer service  where  I  was  instructed  to  go to so as  to pick up my  order.

Almost immediately  the  first  words  out of  her mouth  was  a complete  and  pathetic  lie  as  to  lying  to me  that  in  the  email  send  to  me  that  my  grill  would  not  be  assembled ?   Having  worked  as  a  manager  all  I  could  assume  is  that  these people  at  the home depot  were  too lazy or uncaring  so as  to  do  their  jobs  and  tried  to  con  me  into  doing  their  jobs  for  them  as to assembling  the grill as  requested by  their customer   !!!  me...

Now  I am like  within  walking  distance  from  my  local  home depot  and I  read  the  email  that  was  sent  to me  and  upon reading  it  completely  I   immediately  proceeded  to  them   :)  I  was  happy  until  the  customer  service  lady  decided  to  blow  smoke up my  you know  what...  

She  was like  the  email  sent  said  my  grill  wasn't  going  to be  assembled  ?  Now  having  read  the email  just  minutes  ago ?  I  was  sure  that  no such  thing   was  in  my  email,  however  having a  smart  phone  that  is  linked  to get emails  I   managed  to  pull up the email on my  phone  to which  the customer  service lady than proceeded  with a  different  bs  ploy,  she  said  that   the  assemblers  were not  available  and  would not  be  available  for  like 4  days  so  I  would have  to wait ?

Now  not  being  born  yesterday  and  having  dealt  with customer  service issues myself  as  a  store  manager  I  knew   that  this  was  like  rather  bad  service,  come  on   this is  home  depot  are  you telling me  that  no one  could  have   spent   a  little  time  putting  together my  grill  and  if  that was so ?  why  the  heck would  you guys  tell me  that my  order  was  available and  ready  to be  picked up ?

Anyways I  asked  for  their  1 800 number  to  which  the  customer  service lady told  me  that  she didn't  know it ?  and  therefore couldn't  give it to me ?

WTF ???   anyways  after  being  shell shocked as to  how  badly  they are  messing up ,  I  happened  to ask  if  I could  speak  to  the store manager to  which  a  dopey  looking  short  caucasian  looking  guy  came  out  and  said  he  was  the  store manager    ~~  however  Rob  or  Robert  was  not  the  store manager  ~~~  he  happened  to be  the  operations  manager  or  assistant  manager   ~~~   who had no clues  as  to  why  I  would be  upset  or even  any knowledge  as  to  the  fact  that  home depot offers  free  assembly on all grills over  $20.00

How  the hell does  any kind of manager  be  not aware  of  their own stores  promotions  is  beyond me, but  what  was  more  disturbing  was  how  it seemed  like  he was  doing me  a favor by  even  talking  to me  and  the  fact  that  I  had  to suggest  that  this  is  home depot  and  that  the grill I  ordered  was not  brain  surgery  in  fact  anyone  who  works  for  a  home depot  who  could not  assemble  said grill probably  should not  be  working  for  home  depot.

Anyways I  specifically  asked  for my  grill to be  assembled  on my order  and  it wasn't  and  I specifically asked  who I  thought  was  the  store manager  for  their  complaint  800 number   like I  had  asked  the customer  service lady who  just moments  earlier  told  me  she  did  not  know  the  800  number ?

Rob  decided  to  ignore my  repeated  requests  that  he  specifically give me  their  complaint  number ~  Rob  instead  decided to ignore me  and   had  instructed  the  customer  service lady to give me  their  800  number  to  which   she  gave me  an 800  number  but  both  Rob  and  the customer service lady both knew  that  the number  she  gave me  was  an  incorrect  800 number.

Lets just say that I  wasn't too happy  at  the time   and  to make  matters  worse after I had to explain how poorly  they  were serving me  as  their  customer  and  having  pointed  out to Rob  how  not too difficult it would  have  been  for  practically anyone  with  half a  brain  ~  a  hammer ~  and  a  screw driver  to assemble  the  weber  grill  ~   he  made  it  seem  like  he was  than  gonna  see  about  doing me the favor of  asking   his tool people to assemble  my  grill  ~~~  the  one  they were suppose to have  assembled  for me ???  

And that I would have to wait...

Anyways  after wasting  close to 30 minutes on the phone with the wrong  800 people   they actually gave  me  the  correct 800 number  however   apparently  no one  at  home depot  has  any common sense  ~~ the only person  with any sense  was    an  employee who helps  load up cars.

I  basically  had my  time  wasted by  the idiots  at  my  local home depot  and  despite  explaining how  badly   the  store had ruined and  wasted my  time  ~~  and  after  being  on  the phone  an  additional  30 plus  minutes with  the  supposed  800 complaint  people ???   the solution  they offered  was  that  my time  and  inconvenience  was  only  worth  a  $ 20.00  coupon  that  would  or  would not  eventually  get mailed  to me  weeks later.

I  was  rather  insulted  by my  entire experience  at  my  local home depot.

Such that  I  cancelled my  entire  order.


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#1) On May 09, 2013 at 2:58 PM, L0RDZ (90.09) wrote:

A  question  to  my  fellow  fools  does  my  hd  article  appear  on  HD ? news  and  commentary  or  does  TMF  just show it when I'm  logged  on  ?

HD News and CommentaryA Close Look at Three Important Retailers 1 hour ago – Blogs @ The Motley Fool It Appears That Consumer Discretionary Spending Continues3 hours ago – Blogs @ The Motley Fool An open letter to Home Depot...13 hours ago – Blog at The Motley Fool

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#2) On May 09, 2013 at 5:16 PM, Turfscape (< 20) wrote:

Your blog post appears on Home Depot news and commentary for all to see. Motley Fool uses the "related tickers" to populate the news and commentary sections of stock pages on the site.

Sorry to hear about the terrible customer service experience. It's strange and sad to me that, even in this day and age, companies still accept such poor service as being an acceptable business practice.

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#3) On May 10, 2013 at 1:40 AM, bassnman45 (39.67) wrote:

 It`s like their slogan says    "You can do it"

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