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And it comes with only a $20.00 prescription co-pay.



October 17, 2007 – Comments (0)

Gotta love long multi-page contracts. A good legal department thinks they can hide anything in there. But thats o.k. they do not have a chance against my high school education, sharp wit and detailed grasp of all things physical. I have worked to long and hard and acquired to much mechanical expertise. People say their health insurers are sneaky and dishonest and that they feel the insurers are not delivering quality insurance. Well I am not getting screwed by a redefined word or two. Promises are promises and I will see that they are kept. My health insurer promised me I could see the Doctor of my choice and damn it I do. They did not promise they would pay for every wild and wacky treatment he recommends and they don't. My wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and had a small lump removed and got an "all clear" from the follow up tests. As a preventative measure our Dr recommended radiation and the insurer paid some of it. And the Dr recommended 5 years of Evista as a precaution and it is covered in the plan. So I go to the pharmacist with my $20.00 co-pay to get the 90 day prescription filled and the pharmacist tells me my insurer will only pay to fill Evista for 30 days at a time. Well damn it, they promised me my co-pay is $20.00 and that is all I am going to pay.

I'll be damned if they put one over on me.

Oh, how is this relevant to an investment blog? Long CVX and WAG, based on an increase in repeat customer traffic and associated revenue. I don't think anything can help RAD.

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