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Another Great American Economic Recovery Idea and the Next Investment Bubble!



June 05, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , JPM

Vox Day calls the next investment bubble.

Another great economic idea, to help get Americans back to prosperity and the next investment bubble: Leveraged lawsuits

Richard W. Fields says he has come up with a win-win financial strategy for the downturn. He is investing in lawsuits. Not in trip-and-fall cases, mind you, but in disputes that are far larger, more costly and potentially more lucrative, often pitting major corporations against each other. Mr. Fields is chief executive of Juridica Capital Management. which runs a fund that invests in one side of a lawsuit in exchange for a share of any winnings.... Juris typically invests $500,000 to $3 million in a case, Mr. Desser said. He would not identify the company’s backers, but said that “on the portfolio as a whole, our returns are well in excess of 20 percent per year.” He added, “We’re certainly beating the market.”

Vox Days Comment: You know there are already guys at Citi and Goldman Sachs who are busy figuring out how to assess the risk factors and price the securitization of lawsuit investment products.

My Comment: Of course this will do well, it makes more sense to me then printing a trillion dollars out of thin air. At least in a lawsuit, there is a possibility the people/company did something wrong that are getting robbed by the courts. When the private cartel the US FED prints money out of thin air innocent savers are punished.

I hope the President gets behind this and drops the "cow fart tax" aka carbon credit tax scam or global warming garbage. 

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