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Another P.P. I know I know but I just had to.



October 26, 2012 – Comments (3)

Things  that  make me  laugh.

P.O.T.U.S.  taking  credit  for  getting  us  out of  Iraq.

As if  he  just magically  waved  his  hands  and  puff  we  just  make  the bold and big decision that  we  are  out.   When  it  fact  it's more  like  the  US  and  the other government of  Iraq  couldn't  come  to terms  on  a  deal that  would  have  allowed  troops  to remain to provide the support  Iraq  needs.  But  all  in  all   ~  all   we  we're doing  there  was  baby-siting  spoiled rotten  children  of  Sunni  and  Shi'ites  who  would rather  kill one another than anything else over  their  differing  interpretations  of  the same  religion.   

U.S. forces, which had ended combat missions in 2010, paid $100,000 a month to tribal sheikhs to secure stretches of the highways leading south to reduce the risk of roadside bombings and attacks on the last convoys.

Only around 150 U.S. troops will remain in the country attached to a training and cooperation mission at the huge U.S. embassy on the banks of the Tigris river.

So  when  POTUS  so  boldly  opens his mouth  and   brags  about  how  he  ended  the war in Iraq   and  ordered our  troops  out ?  seriously  ?   come  on  dude  for  real ?   it  was  the failure  of  your  foreign  policy   that made  that  happen  something  you should be running away  from  rather  than   foolishly  using  as  a  talking point  ~  some of us  are  indeed informed and know  better...  POTUS  you  had no choice,  it's  kind of like someone bragging he  got  himself  arrested.

So  he  won by losing ? 

My  Second  point  is  about  the  Federal  Reserve  and  its pathetic  manipulation  and  tinkering of  the  economy  by  manipulating  the  interest  rates  to  close  to nothing.

So  where  are  all  the jobs ?  how  does  helping  the  mega  rich  at  the  expense of  99.9% of  ordinary  savers   help  anybody  anything ?

Oh  great  we  have  managed  to  reduce most  mortgage rates  from what  was  once  a  7% normal  rate  to  now  something  in  the  3%  range  but  what  good  does that do when the majority  of  americans  can't  really  get   a  mortgage  even  at   higher rates ~  they  either don't  qualify  or  the banks  just  won't  loan  to them unless  the  government  personally  guarantees  the  interest  and principal  in its  entirety.

I  hear  the term  deleveraging  ?   but  not  everyone   was  levered up to the hilt...   what  about  all  the people  who played by  the rules,  who  did  everything they were suppose to,  what  about  them ?  the  ones  who actually  worked their butts off ,  saved  up,   and   now  are getting  hurt  by  the worst  of  hidden  taxes  and  fees.

The  hidden  ones  of  inflation   and  not  having  a  prosperous  recovery  or  a  booming real market,  because  some   educated  nerd  who  thinks  he  knows  better simply  followed  his  predecessor   into  making   flooding  the  market  with  vast amounts  of  new money  that  never  got  to  the  people  it  was intended for.

Instead  it  got  sucked up  and  absorbed  by  the  under  1  percenters..  the special  elite  who either  know  someone in government  or  banking  and   can  take  advantage  of  the free money.   Meanwhile  for most  others  it's   pay day  advance  interest  to pay  if  you are so lucky  as  to even be able  to get any of  the money.

My fellow  fools,  we   have   a  gross  mispending  problem  in  our  governments  and  no amount  of   percentage  of  tax  increases  on  the super rich,  rich,  middle class,  and  the poor and  those with nothing  will  make  much of  a  dent  so long as  we  refuse  to tackle   the  real issues  of   entitlements   and  spending  more  money  than  you earn.

Eventually  all  truths  come out and  consequences  come  to   fruition.

Alstry   says   that  we  need  to forgive all debt  and  start  a  new...

I  would  say  we  need  to  clean  house  or  burn  it  down  and live  within  our  means.

If  you've  read  anything else I've  ever written  maybe  we  can all find  affordable  housing living  in the forest  by  the rivers   under  the bridges  near   the  rail road  tracks  from  Germany  to  the Czech Republic.

Okay  my  rant is over...

Someone  please prescribe me  some shock treatment so that I  may  forget.


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#1) On October 26, 2012 at 5:25 PM, constructive (99.97) wrote:

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#2) On October 30, 2012 at 6:36 PM, climoron (< 20) wrote:

Well, I'd have to disagree somewhat.  During the 2008 election McCain would not commit to pulling out of Iraq and stated we could stay for a long time.  Obama was very specific about pulling out.  The forces agreement you refer to was only an agreement to leave about 10,000 troops in Iraq for training Iraqi forces further.  It was not agreed to (and resulted in no troops left in Iraq) because Iraq wanted to subject U.S. troops to their laws.  The U.S. has never in its history put our military under the rule of law of another nation.

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#3) On October 31, 2012 at 4:35 PM, L0RDZ (91.88) wrote:

Clim  seriously  ???    this  is not 2008  these are not the droids  the  storm troppers  shouldn't  be  looking  for  anyways.

Obama  specific ??   than why  did he  try  to keep  troops  in IRAQ  and  than  because  he  couldn't  foreign policy  his way  out of  a wet paper bag and  because  IRAQ  dictated  the  policy  only  than did  we  completely  pull  out.... its  kind of  like coming  inside  a  fertile  lady  and  than trying  to claim  you didn't  get her pregnant  because  most  of  your seed  was  spurted outside of  her ?

As to  the  US  never  having  our military  under  the rule  of  law  of  another nation  ???  you might  want to rethink  that statement ?

Just look at  the recent  Japanese  case where two navy sailors  we're arrested  for  allegedly  raping  a woman  in  Japan.

FLIP  IRAQ....   we  need  to cut all aid  and insist  on payment in full for  all  the babysitting  and  unneeded  american deaths  caused by  them  whining  sunni's  and  shi/its.

For  them to expect us  to leave  a  large  force  for what ?  to back up and  train IRAQi's  and  than  have them subjected  to the whimsical  nature  of  extremists  and  sociopathics  in  the middle east  I'm surprised  at  the lack  of  gratitude,  oh  and  IRAQ  your  not welcome  we  lost  good  americans  taking out  SAddam  something  that the best  of  IRaqi extremist  couldn't.

Again  we   insist  on  austerity  for  the poor.... while  the rich benefit  from  easy  money.....................................

So what  are you saving  for  ?  and what  good will become of it when  our  money  is  being weakened  like  an  99 year olds 600 pounders  knees....

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