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Apple and iTunes



March 29, 2008 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: AAPL

Grumble, grumble...

How many freaking times do we have to repay for the same songs?  Changing technology is a money pit.  I've owned records, 8-tracks, cassettes, and CD's.   

It seems my plan of having my CDs loaded on my laptop and then putting them on my desktop from my laptop doesn't work.  And in my search to try and figure out how to do this I found people who had computers crash, or were trying to get stuff from old computers to new computers and this is the type of reply to problems:

"Once a Product is purchased and you receive the Product, it is your responsibility not to lose, destroy, or damage the Product, and Apple shall be without liability to you in the event of any loss, destruction, or damage." 

I have lost every program I have bought online when I've upgraded computers.  I doubt that I will ever buy a song through iTunes because it seems a far more sure way to end up paying for the same songs yet again.  It will most certainly have to be the economics of truly only liking one song on a CD...

Meanwhile, 3 months before I get back to Vancouver, when I bring my desktop back and I load the CDs...  I have them on my ipod and a clock I can play them off.  I was just want to save on electricity, which is about 10 times more expensive here than in Vancouver.  I kid you not, December's electricity bill was $750 before this subsidy you get up here.

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#1) On March 29, 2008 at 6:29 PM, StockSpreadsheet (67.59) wrote:

Did you pull the hard drive from your old computer and add it to the new computer?  This is one of the best ways to transfer programs, in my experience.  Make the old hard drive a slave, (changing the little jumper to tell it that), and install it in the new computer.  You could then always copy the files from the one hard drive to the other if you want.  Quick, easy transfer.  Remember though, if your new hard drive is much faster than your old one, you will want to add your old hard drive on the same controller line as your CD/DVD or the new hard drive will slow down to the same speed as your old hard drive.  (Controllers generally want to access both hard drives on the same controller at the same data rate, so the faster drive will have its transfer rate lowered to the level of the slower drive.) 

Some programs will give you a code you need to write down if you change anything, as they take a picture of your hardware and store that in a file so if you make any changes, (new motherboard, different processor, new hard drive), they will think they are on a different computer and won't work.  By adding in the code, you can sometimes get them to work again.  Otherwise, you would need to call customer service and see if they can check your ISP and your MAC address to verify you are who you are and then they can tell the program that you are verified and it will work again.  Sometimes they can and sometimes they can't.

Transferring between laptops and desktops can be tricky, but if you have a docking station for your laptop, or some sync'ing software, this problem can be made much easier.

As for crashing hard drives, you can only hope you did data backups to load on your new hard drive.  Otherwise, you are hosed.  (Been there, done that.)

Been through the LP/8-track/cassette/CD dance myself.  Have lots of CDs now, so don't plan on changing formats anytime in the reasonable future.  Lost all my LPs during a move once.  (Moved to Phoenix during the summer.  Got too hot in the moving van and all my LPs warped.  Sad day.  Had to replace all my music.)

Sorry to hear about the high electricity prices.  Can you use solar in the summer, (since at that latitude you should have lots of daylight hours during the summer)?  That should help cut down on the summer bills.  (Of course, during the long winter nights, solar would be useless, so you would have to calculate if they would be practical when they could only be used for half the year.)


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#2) On March 29, 2008 at 6:53 PM, dwot (28.93) wrote:

I won't be here for the summer.  I go back to Vancouver 3x per year, hence having a computer here, Vancouver and the laptop.  Those were problems I read about.  In Vancouver I had wireless and would just do a transfer over the network.

I don't own here, nor do I intend to.  No one can say land is worth anything here and prices are crazy.  I live in a mobile home here and owner is trying to sell it for $145k.  You have to drive 2 hours to get to the closest town with a restaurant, well, the closest town period.  We have a gas station and two general purpose stores.

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