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Arctic Sea Ice Prediction Wrong



September 27, 2011 – Comments (0)

My forecast for next year is for sea ice to melt only to levels we saw back in 2005, or 06. If I had to put a number on it, I think it would be around 5.5 at its lowest.

The ice is coming back, will do so in forward and back steps, with forward defeating the back steps. I am on record as saying we will be back to 1977 levels by 2030. The real problem would be is if there is no corresponding drop in the southern hemisphere sea ice. Like the 70s, cries of ice age will start again. So my forecast for next years melt is for 5.5.

Book it now Anthony.. cheers and Happy Thanksgiving  JB

The prediction of Joe Bastardi, APG climate change denier whose modeling presumably does not include accounting for CO2 because he doesn't believe in it, posted on Nov 23rd 2010, on the loudest APG denial website Wattsupwiththat.

On September 9,(2011) sea ice covered 4.33 million square kilometers (1.67 million square miles), NSIDC reported. The 2011 low is 2.38 million square kilometers (919,000 square miles) below the average minimum extent measured between 1979 and 2000. Late season melt or a shift in wind patterns could still decrease the sea ice extent before the winter freeze-up begins. 


I booked the prediction to, weatherman Joe.

I also noticed the confidence you expressed when making that prediction is notably different from most scientists, who will tell you that the trend is toward less ice, because the trend is toward high levels of CO2, but any single year could go against the trend.

I guess that makes the entire northern hemisphere hot, from Texas fires to artic melt. Must be the weather stations in the citys tricking satellites, which don't use them, and scientists. Scientists who are not lying, just innocently wrong, or at least that is what I am told rational minds are thinking. 

Best wishes,


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