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Are The Sheep About To Get Roasted



June 21, 2010 – Comments (0)

President Obama inherited a system where government owes over 200,000,000 Americans, over 2/3 of the population ,a check every month because they think they are entitled or are working for the government or government subsidized health care system.

Unfortunately, federal, state and local governments are about $2 trillion dollars short of the obligations and the deficit is growing as tax receipts are evaporating and demands are growing.

$2 Trillon dollars is about $40,000 per year for 50 million families of four covering about 200,000,000 million people.  Interestingly, that is about the average wage for a working family of four today.

When 2/3 of the population depends on governmennt for a check every month of such massive magnitude, you know the other 1/3 depend on the 2/3s spending or they are broke too! 

Unfortunately, President Obama has a huge problem.....production is SHUTTING DOWN IN AMERICA!  Without production money has NO VALUE.

Construction is down over 80% and come to a grinding halt in many areas.

Domestic auto manufacturing is down over 50%

Commercial vacancies are skyrocketing


We are now shutting down the entire Southeastern US due to a massive oil spill

With production so low and tax receipts collapsing, President Obama is down to only two choices.....reign in the deficit and put the nation in its largest depression ever......or drive production from its citizens by going out and fighting other nations for production.

The pancake eaters would prefer to sacrifice our kids rather than sacrifice their perception of wealth.

Just two choices left.....and guess which one it is going to be?   because do you think President Obama wants to face a nation of lazy retired pancake eaters and welfare minded sheep that think they are entitled to a comfortable retirement/lifestyle in a nation that doesn't produce much relative to its consumption anymore?

When retired and welfare recipients put themselves ahead of  the nation and its balooning deficit, pretty soon there will be no money for them and none for the nation.

Remember, when a nation it broke....citizens are jointly and severably liable for the debt. When government declares war, the citizens go to war as well.

11 U.S. warships pass through Suez Canal en route to Red Sea...

No oil in the gulf.....soon maybe no oil in the other that could be a really black swan covered in oil.

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