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Are There No Bears Left?



April 05, 2007 – Comments (1)

I was just reading through the "Dash of Insight" blog which I hadn't been to before. Pretty enjoyable blog. In one of the recent posts it talks about Doug Kass and mentions that he considers himself one of the few bears left.

Is that so?

If that's the case then I'm either just attracted to negative articles or am reading all the wrong places altogether because I see bearish sentiment all over. Maybe it's the former and I'm just too pessimistic myself. In any case, I caught myself thinking "wow this is refreshing" to read some of the bullish sentiment on "Dash."

Check it out for yourself.


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#1) On April 05, 2007 at 2:17 PM, fOOLSONPARADE (24.55) wrote:

I think it is an interesting phenomena about bad news and bears.

Primetime news loves to focus on negative information

Finanical news loves to focus on positive information and even ignore the negative when it is posted.

I am definitely more bear than bull these days.  There are too many signs that the economy is declining.  I think Kass is usually pretty accurate. 

As for the lack of bears,  I write it off to the plethora of mood enhancing prescription drugs on the market.  I am only half kidding here.

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