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alstry (< 20)

Are We Incompetent Sheep?



May 23, 2010 – Comments (3)

Ever since the bankers cut us off of credit....we can't generate enough revenues to support government......just in the time since we were cut off, the deficit has skyrocketed to approaching $2 trillion....almost half of China's GDP and that doesn't even include the $1.5 trillion Wall Street firms borrowed last year.

but don't let that bother you...the government and bankers can borrow as much as they want from each other to pay themselves while the sheep lose jobs and get kicked out of their homes.....

you Foolish sheep think the Greeks are spoiled for retiring at 53?...try this one on for size:

In Yonkers, more than 100 retired police officers and firefighters are collecting pensions greater than their pay when they were working. One of the youngest, Hugo Tassone, retired at 44 with a base pay of about $74,000 a year. His pension is now $101,333 a year.....

Some will receive the big pensions for decades. Thirteen New York City police officers recently retired at age 40 with pensions above $100,000 a year; nine did so in their 30s.

You gotta luv it....if you are in the private sector and you don't generate enough lose your livlihood and your home...but if you work for government or Wall Street...its OK.....they just keep lending money back and forth to each other to pay their respective workers while the rest of the nation shuts down.

Morality has broken down in America.......

Can you imagine how upset the sheep are going to get once they figure out the racket?

Retiring with a full pension at 39?  You wonder why our pension are bankrupt.......

We simply no longer generate enough money to live our current lifestyle without borrowing trillions of dollars each the only question is how will the sheep be told?

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#1) On May 23, 2010 at 5:50 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

Six weeks of vacation a year. Retirement at 60. Thousands of euros for having a baby. A good university education for less than the cost of a laptop. Now the welfare state _ cherished by many Europeans as an alternative to what they see as dog-eat-dog American capitalism _ is coming under its most serious threat in decades: Europe's sovereign debt crisis.

You can live at any standard you want if you have access to credit......

The problem comes in when the bankers cut you off of credit.....

America and Europe have accumulated a massive amount of debt over the past 50 years....mostly concentrated in the last ten.....

It appears that we are coming to the end of the line where governments can borrow as much as they want to shower their constituents with an unprecedented lifestyle.

Do we fall into chaos if credit is cut off?

Soon you will understand that the ticker is simply a product of credit being extended and a few computers trading back and forth to each other....

Can you imagine what happens when Wall Street cuts off the credit and turns off the computers?

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#2) On May 23, 2010 at 9:47 PM, G8BigBoom (66.84) wrote:

Responding to your title

Don't insult the sheep

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#3) On May 23, 2010 at 9:58 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

Great Point!

Sheep would have never let the bankers and politicians skewer them like we have.......

You think sheep would let the bankers pay them nothing for savings but 6-30% to borrow?....after bailing them out?

You are right...sheep would have much more self respect.

You think sheep would be forced to take massive paycuts and job losses and let the politicians grant themselves raises with lavish lifestyles?...even after running massive deficits?

At least the sheep would have kicked.....but those would be Greek sheep.

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