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Are you listening Middle East and China?



February 22, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: USO , GLD , SVL

so you know what to trade. Oil at 200. Alaska opened up. Libya on burning Iran war ships went through the Suez canal. Welcome to the New World Society. Silver they say is topping but I believe it is just resting before the next break out. Silver is also a currency. Next to go is China. Short China. Short Europe. Got to love the elite of the world. All roads lead to Roam. The Grand Puppet Master. Yes the Vatican. Got to love the fact they are setting up a false second coming of Christ. Revelations is here they say. Saudi then Morocco. Yep.... Got to love this Brave New World. Cheat the Arbs. Cheat China. Cheat the whole durn world. Yep I am just little miss sunshine today. It will be stopped somehow I believe. So what will you need to invest in to keep this Country Running? You have until the end of 2012. Oh Star family's running wild. While you were not looking China now pressuring the USA to not use our laws and let them buy companies  here. After all they own the debt so they can call the shots. So tell me what would invest in for the new oil boom. Good old Ben, is he working for Soros? I wonder.  Tear down then build up. Actually I am happy. I just don't like what the Kings are up to. Have fun today because I am.

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