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Are You Ready For a Good Fight?



April 03, 2011 – Comments (0)

I have been with my wife for well over 20 years.  My guess is we fight less than the "average" couple...but I am not sure if that is a postive or negative.  Inevitably, after every fight I realize how much I love her and how much she enriches my and our children's lives.  I truly depend on my wife for many things, and so do my children, and so do her students among others.

Fighting helps remind and reinforce how much I am dependent on my wife.

In economics, we all collectively depend on each others production more and more.  Especially as society has become more specialized.  Without each others production, we can't maintain this thing we call the economy or civilization.

Money is the lubricant which allows us to obtain the goods and services of another human.  Machines and animals have no interest in money...simply food and electricity respectively.

When you only bail out few and not the many, pretty soon the many realize they have become the slaves of the few.....since it was NOT the production of the few that caused their bailout.  The slave/master condition lasts as long as the many accept money for the exchange of their goods and services....


...when the many revolt in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  Then the few get really mad too as they still want to control the many.....until the inevitable fight breaks out and both sides kick the snot out of each other until both figure out that they are COLLECTIVELY INTERDEPENENT on each other to survive.

Now that more and more are realizing America is appears the fighting has started over who gets the money/control of the others production.

For you gold you really think in the Digital Age...with machines doing more of the production, one with a lot of shiny metal should control another's production?


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