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Are You Ready For The Udder World?



February 06, 2011 – Comments (0)

As food and fuel prices skyrocket....and the sheep stare at the ticker....the world is getting really really .....did I say really...ANGRY!!!!

Thai-Cambodia firing flares again

Sudan army mutiny in southern oil state, 50 killed

Clamor for change now reaches Iraq -

Mass anti-government rally held in Belgrade

Anti-government protests in Morocco planned on Facebook

Tunisian police chief fires on crowd, kills 2

How hard was this to see? watch what happens when everyone pours into to Food and Fuel trade and even fewer can afford to eat................HUNGER IS AN AMAZING MOTIVATOR.

In the UDDER world...when you can't afford milk, you better have a cow.

But don't fret....this is setting the foundation for SUSTAINABLE CHANGE.....the Digital Age.

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