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As More & More Become Alstry



November 13, 2010 – Comments (0)

Notice how more and more mainstream outlets are pointing out the criminal nature of Wall Street....that financial fraud became the accepted culture and how government represented those few perpetrateing the fraud at the expense of the many....

In essence, we are only now learning as a nation what Alstry has been telling you for the past three years....that our financial system became so corrupted from a legal standpoint, that the entire economy morphed into something essentially not much different that a Ponzi Scheme.....and in many respects, much more corrupt.

We are seeing it from Rolling Stone, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Bill Black, Ron Paul, Bill Gross, Karl Denninger and many others....from the left, from the right, from the even well written cartoons and animations are telling the story in a clear and entertaining format.....

The question is how do we deal with it as more and more become aware...? do we prevent total anarchy when more and more become angry as they learn about the corruption that goes to the core of our system? do we apportion property rights when many of those rights are grounded in a Ponzi system......?.......

Will the population demand reform?.....we the population demand Communism? they realize that the only reason the rich are rich is because they are getting bigger handouts than the poor.

Why should a shareholder of a public company be bailed out but not the shareholder of a company?  Shouldn't we bail out everyone if we are bailing out a few?

All very interesting and convulsive question as more and more become Alstry......and just think, all of you that were Alstrybaters were really just self abusing yourselves without even enjoying more and more of you become Alstry....

Why do you think Alstry never went away.....because one day you too would be Alstry.....and as long as you were was Alstry.

Welcome to the Digital Age.....

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