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alstry (< 20)

As Small Business Shuts Down...America Shuts Down



July 13, 2010 – Comments (3)

We have adopted a policy of destroying America (cutting off credit to small business producers responsible for 50% of the employment and most of the taxes) and bailing out Wall Street.....yet no one cares as America shuts down and our last remaining production is outsourced.  As small business shuts down.....America shuts down.

Commericial Real Estate sales in now down 90%......

New Home construction is down 80%......

Most of our mortgage businesses are gone.....

2/3 of the architects are now unemployed.........

and in just a few short years, tens of millions of Americans have stopped producing become dependent on government for a check......

Wall Street is basically shutting down and outsourcing America as Wall Street is bailed out by Americans........

Who woulda dreamed that could happen in America as we shut ourselves down?  Now the question is what will Obama be forced to do when he has hundreds of millions of angry Americans all wanting to consume but much of the nation's production is shut down?

Nissan May Halt North American Output After Delay in Receiving Engine Parts

Moody's Downgrades Portugal's Debt

Small Businesses Grow More Pessimistic: Survey 

Hawaii RX Plus to be Discontinued 

Offerpal Media Inc. - Job Cuts, unknown number

Biolase Technology Inc - 20

Buena 911 Service NJ - 10 Possible 

Schenectady NY - Budget = 160 Layoffs / Retirement

The Mosaic Co. Fort Meade Mine - 221 Layoff Notices

New Jersey Turnpike Authority - 24 Possible Layoffs

Update: First Data Corp - 78

Forsyth Medical Center NC - 48

Ace Hardware store in Orange County CA

Vermuelen’s Portage Store

Sabin Star Lock Security in Northampton MA

Alta Shoe Shop in Altavista VA, Closing only 1 Store

4 Superpetz stores in SC/NC?

Connecticut Memories Country Store in New Milford CT

Penn. State Employees - Unions Received 30 Day Notice of Impending Layoffs  

City of Northport AL - 19

City of Vancouver ( International ) - 100

Riverside County Gov CA - 1,000 Layoffs / Retirements this year

York City PA Schools  - Furloughs 28 Teachers  

Eli Lilly and Co - 170 Job Cuts by year end

Granite Importers Inc in Barre VT - 5

Scottish Banks - 7,000 in the last year

Gorton Community Center in Lake Forest IL - 16

CBS News - New Layoffs Coming??

Nassco - General Dynamics - 560 Ship workers in San Diego 

England Universities ( International ) - 22,500 Job Cuts if Budget Cuts Happen

Sheboygan County Sheriff's Department - 33 Possible

Fruitport Community Schools Michigan - Only 1 Layoff

The Birmingham AL Schools - Considering Layoffs 

Layoffs Looming for School Teachers

Marple Newtown School PA - 7

EdFund - 106 Since January 

Kop-Flex Inc - Anne Arundel County location - 125 Jobs Lost

Yesterday's Antique Mall in lake Worth FL

Retailer Eres  in NY, and other Closing

Sacramento County CA Closing 2 Jail Housing Facilities 

Delta Steel warehouse on Railroad Avenue in Morgan City LA

America is being outsourced by Wall Street....yet the sheep keep watching the nobody cares....until too many are outsourced....

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#1) On July 13, 2010 at 11:48 AM, tomatoflu (< 20) wrote:

Hmm....China has anounced a "72%" cut in expots of rare earth elements.

It will be interesting to see if Wall Streets governing legion, who may or may not be currently busy checking each other stress test results, have to outsource heavily rare earth dependant predator drones and guided missile production as well.

"Huffington Post (blog) - ‎Jun 21, 2010‎ It's somewhat shocking that the US is already dependent on Chinese rare earth for some of its most advanced war fighting capacities. ..."
"China Post - ‎Jun 16, 2010‎ Clearly, the last thing we need is to be dependent on China for these important materials. China is already manipulating the rare earth element market and ..." And what about the rare "Talent" market...where is that going??
 Ok....let off some speculative steam.


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#2) On July 13, 2010 at 11:58 AM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

Who could have predicted this:


At some point, as we keep bailing out Wall Street and shutting America down.....there will not be much to respond to.....

Just take a look at Detroit.

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#3) On July 13, 2010 at 1:46 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

More and more going on unemployment....

fewer and fewer college graduates finding jobs.....

cities, counties, states, schools and hospitals laying off......

Pretty soon.....there will be few jobs for anyone as Wall Street cuts off credit to the private economy and we bail out Wall Street

New report shows drop in job openings amid weak hiring

How does it feel to be a the very people you bailed out?

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