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Varchild2008 (84.54)

ATVI's Prototype + Why CYOU is on my Watch List



April 18, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

PROTOTYPE  is the real deal :-)   This is a franchise waiting to explode.

Check out the video intro and afterwards scroll down to see what people thought of it.
This title will ship for PS3 and XBOX 360....   PROTOTYPE has me extremely excited...

Unlike most investors of Video Game Companys.... I actually play video games.... ever since video games even existed....   (I'm a HUGE  "PONG" fan).

I'm buying Prototype... Heck I'll probably Pre-Order the thing sometime next month.  It comes out in stores June 9th.

I expect it will fly off the shelf because this looks like one of those under the radar masterpieces.

Of course.... There's always the FALLOUT 3  issue where Bethesda Softworks doesn't get as much sales revenue out of it even though FALLOUT 3 was a masterpiece... because Role Playing Games don't do so well... But Prototype isn't exactly a Role Playing Game so much as an Action Game and it releases at a time in which there are no Rock Band or Guitar Hero releases to crowd it out.

Look at CHANGYOU  (CYOU) as a great example of a great startup video game development company.    I don't see anyone pitching UP or DOWN thumb CYOU over any perspective from a Video Gamer Geek.

I know all about startups, fly by night, take off like a rocket day 1 only to collapse a few short years later. 

GENETIC Anomalies, makers of CHRON X, no longer exist. They died years ago.
MIDWAY  went bust.

But.... given Changyou's association with a great management team in SOHU prior to the spinoff...
I don't think Changyou is going to die off like Midway and Genetic Anomalies.

Look... Game developers collapse for all sorts of reasons....2 big ones come to mind:

1)  The Game Developer (MIDWAY) only has 1 good franchise..   Mortal Kombat.

2)  The Game Developer  (Genetic Anomalies)  produced 3 game titles before collapsing due to poor management decisions... They got scooped up by SONY at one time and SONY's profits took a hit and then WAMMO... SONY just dumped all of their smaller games companys to include Genetic Anomalies...

The game titles of this developer were not generating blockbuster profits... Nothing spectacular...
Nothing like a MMORPG that is successful can generate.

As a Video Gamer Geek.... CYOU is going to be on my Outperform list come Monday.
I may buy some shares at some point soon.

Why?  They have a 2008 Award for Most Anticiapted MMORPG title.  This game combines Cartoon Graphics in 2.5D with Martial Arts.  Hell.. You throw in Martial Arts in any game and it's a winner.

As for the BEAR argument that their 2 game titles are loosing population.... I think those game titles will accelerate their population once DUKE of MOUNT DEER releases and is becomes every bit as great as Chinese Gamers are hoping for.   It's not the most anticipated game title for nothing here folks.

All it takes for an MMORPG developer is to gain success in a brand new rejuvenate life back into their older titles.  New Video to CHANGYOU's games... Will want to discover or re-discover the developer's older titles.

Plus these MMORPG companys tend to be BUYOUT targets.... Just ask Blizzard about that.

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#1) On April 18, 2009 at 1:43 PM, Varchild2008 (84.54) wrote:

Course you have to consider some negatives for CYOU...

1)  NCTY       look what happened with The9Limited.. *ouch*

But CYOU makes their own games.... The9Limited is a server, hosting company for MMORPGs. 

So.. If CYOU scares ya because of NCTY.. Just know the businesses are different.

I'd buy a TINY... TINY....TINY.... amount of shares of CYOU prior to the 1st earnings report... then.... based on that report..judge for yourself if CYOU is a good long term investment and if so.... keep buying on dips (no matter what) and have a long term view....But base that view on that you believe DUKE is going to be a huge success for the company.

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