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Aug 9, 2013 Benchmark Investing (BI) Selections



August 06, 2013 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: IGT , NBR , APA

There are several stocks to discuss this week, but there are no changes in any holdings. Here is a snapshot of this week’s activities.

This week’s candidates:

IGT– a Long position taken nearly a yearo that continues to perform well on the sales and earnings front. Decision: Hold

APA– a recent Long position taken. Company has some risky prospects with much of its business in the Middle East region, although they have been selling off some assets of late. The stock is very much undervalued with a good deal of upside potential. Decision: Hold

NBR– another Long position that has hude upside potential. However, according to the technical BI indictors this position should now be sold. It is slightly above the Upside BI price target, however there is a major disconnect between the BI price targets and the VL targets. Considering this and its absolute price level remains relatively low I will continue to hold this equity for a while longer. Decision: Hold

The Process:

Every week a refresh of key financial data, stock prices, and economic data are evaluated. This information is analyzed using Kenneth Lee's selection process as described in “Trouncing the Down". Individual stocks are selected based on their relative valuation. The systematic approach allows for a scientific based decision making to buy and sell stocks. This mechanical investing approach has proven to yield superior results over time.

Each week a broad set of stocks are considered to be bought, sold, or held as part of the process. Also indicated is if the pick is a Long or Short candidate as well as if it they are New or Current holdings.

Tickers discussed this week: IGT, NBR, APA

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