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Avon- From small company to multinational organization



May 14, 2018 – Comments (0)

Historical Background

In case you have started using Avon Products or considering buying products of Avon, you must know a little bit about the historical background of Avon Enterprises. After knowing historical background, we are sure you would want to know more about Avon. Avon started as a small company which used to sell perfumes. After the success in the selling of perfumes, with the passage of time the owners of Avon started working and established the company in the field of products like makeup, jewelry etc.

Products of Avon

The products of Avon are designed and established by keeping in view the needs and requirements of women. Avon products are especially made for the women. From cosmetics to jewelry everything is designed and made by keeping in view the needs of women in the products. Women cover most part of the Avon target market. Avon has launched several campaigns to create awareness about women related issues. Their most products are associated with the awareness campaigns on issues like education, domestic violence etc. in women. Their products are considered one of their kinds with their unique way of understanding the issues related to women.

About Avon Business Model

Avon business model is quite different from others. It is the direct selling business.Most of its life it has been the direct selling business. In initial days, the Avon Business was based on door to door selling. They believe on the face to face contact with the customers. The sales representative of Avon believe on the direct contact with the customers. Their business model is basically more of the direct and door to door selling and marketing. Catalogues are distributed every two weeks and from collecting orders to delivery of goods everything is done with extra care and vigilance. 

Have a look at Avon Products

Avon Products are made with extra care and they are made by keeping the need of customers in view. These products are special and one of their kinds. In case you are considering buying cosmetic products, Avon is the best choice. Have a look at their range of products, and choose the best suited product in accordance with your skin type. Not only makeup products but skin care products are also part of Avon Product Range. Most of the revenue is generated with the help of skin care products of Avon. Make sure to try them.

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