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Aww. . . Bircuit Bitty goes Bust



November 10, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BBY , CC.DL2

I guess buying 50 shares of West Why for $21.16 a share was not a bad move afterall.  When the market is as low as it is virtually any move in this market on the buy or call side should make one feel like a genius.

Between Walmart, Costco, and West Why.... Those 3 seem to be market leaders in the retails sector with West Why carrying the cheapest stock price both in price and P/E ratio back at it's 52-week low a short time ago.

Now why am I sounding like an idiot talking about Best Buy and Circuit City?

It wasn't too long ago that I was listening to the radio program on the sports station "The Ticket" here in Metro Detroit when they were asking callers to call in with their "I screwed my company over" stories.

One call came in and said that he told customers of "West Why" (Best Buy), that "Bircuit Bitty" (Circuit City) was selling the exact same Television for less.  This gentleman still worked at West Why and was thus disguising the names of the stores with stupid talk.

Anyhow...  Anytime you see people who I like to call "LIBERALS" whining and moaning about how "West Why" is taking over the market share like Wal-Mart has... As an investor it is obvious... You have to pick the "Winners" in the market in order to succeed while shorting the "Losers"  (if you are into shorting stocks).

So anytime anyone or anything leads you to believe that the market is trending towards 1 company over another.... That, friends, is how you create a PAIRS trade.

Unfortunately for me.... I have not gotten the guts or smarts to pull the trigger on shorting stocks yet.  This is my 1st year investing and I figure I'll start shorting stuff soon when I get a little smarter.

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