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BAC to where I sold you



August 24, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BAC

While President Obama and his administration are thumping their chests and patting eachother on the back for "Mission Accomplished" in getting the economy out of the crisis..... (BAC) is priced BELOW the price I sold it at during the 2009 stock market low bounce that the stock had.

I bought BAC at around $5.00 - $6.00 and sold it at $12.71.    I sold it because I didn't like the longer term view of the stock and felt that any share price movement UPWARD would eventually come back down.

And guess what?  I was right!!!     Took me many many months to be right....but I am right...
Bank of American Collapse (BAC)  is now selling at $12.64 a share.

This goes to show that when I tell people to TRUST THEMSELVES and never give up on their strategy of when to buy, when to hold, and when to sell..... that it is what they need to do.... TRUST YOURSELF... In the end you will be proven right far more often than wrong.

Too bad I can't say the same for President Obama and his Administration.  They continue to be a disaster for this country as they go around the country taking credit for getting our economy out of a crisis........uhm.....

9.5% unemployment
27+% nosedive in existing home sales in July
GDP in Q2 to be revised further down closer to just a paultry 1.3%
Epic Catastrophic Debt that is 89% of our economy
$1.17 trillion of debt piled on this year alone so far as of end of July.

And they say they got us OUT of a crisis?   Since when have we ever been OUT of the original Barney Frank and Chriss Dodd Crisis in encouraging Banks and Lenders to give mortgages to people who can not afford them???  Since when have we gotten our JOBS back???

Since when has anything the Democratic Party ever economic success?  when?

Clinton didn't get us a booming economy.....  Republican Party slashing Government Spending, bringing Welfare out of the FEDs and into the States in Welfare Reform, and blocking countless TAX HIKE Attempts that Bill Clinton tried to do in his Annual Budgets is what created a 90's booming economy.

Republicans have had an amazing track record of success in spite of idiotically, stupidly, going backwards in the 2000s with Education Reform, Medicare Part D, and so on.....backwards because they thought to just DUMP the Ronald Reagon economic philosophy....

There is no future for AMERICA if our future is more of the same crap no matter which Political Party it comes from......

We either shift gears from *BAILOUT CITY*  + *DEBT CITY* + *ENTITLEMENT BONANZA* style economics to an Economy that simply seeks to bring itself into better competitive environments for our businesses....keeping regulations and taxes low.....stripping away idiotic Oil Moratoriums...
and reforming our entitlement programs for everyone's benefit...... not just the benefit of the select few LABOR MANAGEMENT Goons.

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