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Back In The Game - My Early 2010 Top Picks!!!



March 08, 2010 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: EROC.DL , S , C

After not writing a blog for almost 5 months, it is time to get back in as I have gotten back in the game.  Always been in, now I'm allocating money, stocks, and seeing what I want next or what I want to add to.  Well without further words, I will do what many TMF staff cannot - get to the point!

C, CVM, EROC, MO, S with wildcard NLY

Some of these stocks I own and some I do not.  I believe these are not your highest performing stocks, but very solid stocks for long-term growth (1 year or more).  Here is my quick explanation for each one - dumbed down, and to the point without all the financial nonsense.  BTW: For 2009 my only losing stock in my real portfolio was FAZ (arghhhhh!).  Overall I made mad money in 2009 and hope to do so in 2010!

C - biggest bank in the world, international with 140+ countries of customers, government backed and supported.  Even with reverse split and/or government selling their shares back, stock isn't going anywhere.  This could be the 2010 stock of the year or end right where it is now.

CVM - speculative to the max and most potential out of all my stocks.  Too much to write about.  Do a little research on this bad boy and see that they just might have the magic key to unlock goodies for all investors!

EROC - natural gas play.  I've personally owned it since the $3/4 range.  It is now around $6.15.  I see it going as high as $8 sometime this year and double digits isn't out of the range.

MO - can't get enough of MO!  Dominating my Roth.  Should be dominating yours.  Quick pitch: people are willing to pay huge amounts of money to satisfy their crave of nicotine.  History shows that law suits relating to cancer don't affect MO long term.  Increasing dividend for over 50 years.  In some categories, MO is the greatest stock of the last 50 years if you reinvested dividends.  Sky's the limit and the dividend makes owning this almost risk free as it gets!

S - I know you all think S?  Yes VZ and T offer solid dividends and solid growth.  But S is way underpriced.  The 4g potential as well as the other mysteries they have up their sleeves should make you interested in at least seeing what they have planned in the next few years.  Plus tell me when you will ever stop hearing "The Sprint Halftime Show" during the NFL season.

NLY - with the mortgage and housing improving since the lows of a year or so ago, expect this baby to grow in dividends like never before.  4 letters to make you drool: R.E.I.T.!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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#1) On March 09, 2010 at 11:14 AM, mikecart1 (78.18) wrote:

Citi and Sprint coming true to a market near you!

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#2) On March 09, 2010 at 12:41 PM, blake303 (28.63) wrote:

The Sprint Halftime Show could be coming to an end sooner than you think.

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#3) On March 10, 2010 at 10:33 AM, mikecart1 (78.18) wrote:

Ok they get the NFL.  Well VZ has a lot less upside than S.  Anyways, C and S up again today.

Rarely does a talent like myself show this much accuracy.  In fact, all my 5 calls and 1 wildcard are up since I wrote this blog.  Accuracy is my middle name. :o)

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