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johnnyrocku (99.89)

Bad bug with TurboTax, anyone else experience this?



April 12, 2009 – Comments (5)

Yesterday we thought we were almost done with our '08 tax return, but it didn't go quite as planned!

This crazy TurboTax program decided on its own to double my wife's income, remove her withholdings, and authorize the IRS to extract some ungodly amount of money from our checking account!  Hard to believe there could be such a bad bug in such a popular program, so I'm wondering if anyone else experienced this.

Guess we should have known something was up when it unexpectedly re-prompted for her W-2 income (only hers, but not her withholding) during the efile submission process.  There was no other indication that it had made any such changes to our return.

We called TurboTax support, they didn't seem to be aware of the bug.  We also called IRS to let them know about it, and the rep said he actually had heard of a very similar story earlier in the day.  However, the rep was not able to 'reject' our return.  We've put a stop on the epayment and filed an amended return (this time sent in paper format with a real check).  I can see audits and penalties in our future. Oh, joy :-(.

The version we used was TurboTax Basic (CD version).  It's a cheap version, but it's still disturbing that it has such a critical bug.  We've used TurboTax for several years in the past without problems.

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#1) On April 12, 2009 at 2:46 AM, awallejr (38.34) wrote:

Well I just finished doing mine with turbotax (can't beat waiting until the last minute heheh).  The K-1s were giving me the most trouble, some companies have 4-5 items to a line, yet turbo tax only provided 3 spots maximum.  In any cas I refuse to email my returns or set up direct deposits or deductions.  I used the product, but prinited and will mail it in. 

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#2) On April 14, 2009 at 3:57 PM, bmeighan (< 20) wrote:

I can assure you that this is NOT a bug in TurboTax. Here is what I believe happened. You probably entered two instances of your wife's Form W-2 (wages) in TurboTax. Copy 1 is the one that transferred over from last year (just name, address, etc.... no amounts). When you went to enter your wife's W-2, you probably created a new W-2 thus creating a second W-2. When you went to efile, our error checking flagged your return for correction since you had a partially complete W-2. The IRS does not allow this. Instead of deleting the erroneous W-2, you entered again the amounts. This caused your wife's income to be doubled.

TurboTax does not (and does not have the ability) alter any information when you efile your return. I encourage you to view the wages area of TurboTax to confirm my strong suspicions as to what happened. By the way, we have never had an issue with TurboTax doubling any amounts. 

I hope this information helps.

Bob Meighan

VP, TurboTax

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#3) On April 16, 2009 at 3:14 PM, bbyard1234 (< 20) wrote:

Ditto - I experienced your wife's problem myself last night using Turbo Home and Business.  I ran the error check on the federal, error check on the State, both came up clean.  But while e-filing, I was prompted to enter line 1 of my W2 again.  So I did.  After filing, to my horror I found my income had doubled, and my taxes due had increased by 10 times.  I talked with Turbo Tax help, I talked with the IRS, all they could advise me to do was wait for the filing to be accepted, and then proceed with filing an amended return.  Great.  Amended returns cannot be e-filed, and take 8-12 weeks for processing. 

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#4) On April 18, 2009 at 12:53 PM, johnnyrocku (99.89) wrote:

Mr. Meighan, 

I appreciate your posting, but I must disagree with you on several points.  Most people would consider this a bug.

TurboTax should NOT use any W-2 information from previous years as a basis for a new tax return!  That is a bug!

During the e-file process, there was no opportunity to 'delete the erroneous W-2'.  TurboTax should have aborted the e-file process once it detected the inconsistncy.

TurboTax error check facility should check for duplicate W-2 amounts (and report this as a warning) and for W-2s with $0 and also report those to the user. 

TurboTax should NOT allow major adjustments to W-2 amounts during the e-file process!

TurboTax should do an error/consistency check PRIOR to entering the e-file process.

bbyard1234, appreciate your report of the same problem.  It shows my experience was not just user error or an isolated incident.  I wonder how many TurboTax users experienced this problem?


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#5) On September 28, 2010 at 12:57 PM, ttc0721 (< 20) wrote:

I agree, we had this problem for the 2009 tax year (in April).  Turbo Tax created another w-2 during the transmission process, and we went from a refund to owing a huge amount.  It is now September and I am still fighting with the IRS over the penalties and interest they assessed us on a return that should have never owed tax!  I know this is a bug in Turbo Tax, not something I did because not only was a w-2 created and the wages were transmitted twice, the withholding was zeroed out and one of the medicare taxes was reduced by a random amount of $150.  Think I did that all on my own without any recollection of doing it?  No, it is a glitch in the system!  Beware of electronic transmissions...I  have used Turbo Tax for 8 years without any problems but will never again!  


Oh did I mention that my state return was messed up as well and I had to amend that and fight over that one too?  What a giant mess!  I do not agree with Bob Meighan's comments, you don't just type in another w-2 and not realize you're doing it.


Turbo tax has not responded to my emails or postings on their website asking for assistance.   

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