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Bad News for Sony is Good News for You



May 08, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: SNE

A word of caution as I am not a professional..just a blogger here...  But as an advid video gamer I have to say that what Wall Street thinks and feels about (SNE) is not going to fly....I mean there is the Video Gamer mentality and Wall Street mentality and those 2 do not meet.

Wall Street Mentality:   Sony share price doomed to underperformance for years as it deals with lawsuits for their insecure network problems.  Sony will spend billions having to repair their network and restore trust to the Video Gamer community....subscribers could be lost for Everquest, Qriocity, and other businesses... Sony's future short term is bleak....sell sell sell...

Video Gamer Menality:  Sony's got God of War franchise, Final Fantasy, Blu Ray Player Technology, and all kinds of awesome video game franchises than the Junk-Box doesn't have...and who cares about Nintendo's WII anymore if anyone ever did???  Besides, Video Gamers just want their playstation network back so we can play more Mortal Kombat Krotos style!!

The reality is the share price for (SNE) is undervalued simply because it always is.....I mean when does it not fail?

American Express gets into trouble and everyone thinks the company is going to lose business due to their reputation taking a hit.... But then Warren Buffet buys American Express shares and what happens?  The Wall Street menality doesn't pan out.... The Stock rallys higher....and Warren Buffet is richer because of it.

Buy when investors are SCARED of a stock....

And with Sony.... Buying into Sony's Stock right now means you are buying while WALL STREET is *Scared* but Video Gamers are not.

It's the video gamers that matter....not anything else.... and Sony keeps their gigantic Market Share
lead in the Console Video Game Market intact, then the share price will rally.

Some things to speculate about:

1)  Sony could benefit by charging $$$$ for playstation network at least for the next Playstation Console System thus having money available to improve Security....and it would result in better earnings overall...

2)  Sony will learn from their massive series of mistakes and grow from them into a much better company overall.  American Express did. 

3)  Playstation System Sales have grown DOUBLE DIGITS year over year last month and I so far this year.   The Fan Base isn't just growing for Sony.... It is growing by leaps and bounds... This Crisis is only temporary and it too shall pass.

In the end it is about the VIDEO GAMES and nothing else much matters.... When you are the only CONSOLE system in town with BLU RAY technology, the 3rd Party Developers will never abandon you.

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