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Banks Could Owe You A Lot Of Money....



November 17, 2010 – Comments (1)

Foreclosure class actions pile up against banks

If it is proven that banks made trillions of dollars of fraudulent loans by knowing, or should have known the borrower could not repay that loan.....and by making such loans to so many, it caused the value of residential real estate to artificially rise also driving up property taxes and homeowners insurance for owners of homes in areas where such loans were originated......

ANY homeowner that has paid higher property taxes and homeowners insurance as a proximate result of the bankers' fraud could have a claim to recover such damages against those banks and lending institutions involved in making such loans.

The class of people involved would likely involve most homeowners in America and the damages could rise easily into the Trillions of dollars...which happens to exceed the market value of the banks involved.......

We were told the banks were too big to we may find out if they are too fraudulent to Buffett keeps upping his stake in Wells Fargo and thanks government for the Billions in bailout money his investments millions of homeowners get kicked out of their homes by Wells Fargo........knowingly committing fraud potentially against millions and millions of homeowners

Get ready.........this could get hot.

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