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Varchild2008 (84.02)

Battle of the BEVERAGES in MMA Combat Style!



August 13, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS , MNST , PEP

(PEP)  versus  (KO)

*Baff*  *Biff*  *oof*  *smack*

Winner?  (PEP)  with more than a $12 gain above the stock's 52-week low versus KO's slightly above $10 off the 52-week low.

(DPS) versus (HANS)

AAaaarggh!!!  Yipe Yipe Yipe Yipe...

Announcer, "Sorry folks... Hansen Natural Corp has just left the building... Apparently scared of the competition!"

(DPS) more than $13 off the 52-week low.          (HANS)  Just over $12 off the 52-week low.

Here's another comparison between (DPS) and (HANS)

DPS  2Q:    EPS: 62 cents
HANS  2Q:  EPS: 60 cents            

*oooooo*  *Loud cheering for DPS*

As for the Q2s for (PEP) = $1.02   but that was a DROP of 1 EPS Year over Year
                          (KO)   =   $.92     DROP of 9 EPS year over year.

Given this picture... Out of the following beverages.... Which one was the better buy?



It is clear.... That the share price action coming out of DPS along with the fundamentals is the clear winner!  I mean clearly folks... It's just so crystal clear!  clearly....

Only DPS & HANS have produced year over year beats on earnings.... 

So... Here's my ranking:

DPS    #1            (for now)
HANS  #2            (Don't ignore the fact that HANS beat DPS in Q1 and in 1H of this year overall)
PEP    #3
KO      #4          (Stay away from this)

Jim Cramer telling investors to buy PEPSI instead of either HANS or DPS has absolutely screwed investors badly so far...  However, Varchild2008 DOES like what PEPSI is doing with their business and you can't count Pepsi out yet.   Coca-Cola is last place for good reason.. They can't get anything going.   9 cents a share DROP?  That is a plummet!

The stock to absolutely stay away from for now is (COCA-COLA).

Ok.. I am biased....  HANS investors will chime in probably stating the fact that for the 1st half of 2009 (HANS) has a few cents more earnings than (DPS).

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