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BBDA Bebida Beverage skyrockets again up 100%



February 09, 2009 – Comments (1)

Now those who bought BBDA at .0002 are experiencing a quadruple bagger from a stock that hasn't posted any quarterly earnings yet for their Piranha Spring Water or Guppy Water.

The momentum could only be explained, if there's any logic to it.. I have no clue, from the upcoming MMA event (February 21st) with Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy.

I'll throw this bizarre speculation out there.... One of the things going on with Bebida Beverage isn't even it's beverage.  As per the press release (paraphrased), "Fans are thrilled over the Piranha Bandanas we plan to hand out to Dan Hardy Fans at the UFC event."  Also there's the shipment of Piranha Beverage straight to Dan's management team.

I guess my speculation regarding BBDA actually being a legit stock (not saying it is... I'm just throwing out an argument full of 100% guess making, speculation).... That some may be looking at BBDA Bebida Beverage as if it's the next "AFFLICTION."

Affliction is the name of the style of T-Shirt with a strange, dragon, type insignia over usually a dark background.  These T-Shirts have been all the rage with young MMA fans.   If the bandanas are "all the rage" for young MMA fans.... Then shouldn't that mean huge publicity for Bebida Beverage for marketing/distributing out their beverage?

I mean.... What if DAN Hardy's management team decides to create a deeper relationship / partnership with BBDA beverage and actually generate a Clothing Company that sells these Bandanas?  What if BBDA becomes  1/2  Water Beverage  1/2 MMA Bandanas company?

So many people look at BBDA and laugh/scoff and treat it as a SCAM.  But, how is it a scam when all you have to do as an investor is look!  Cause on Feb. 21st everyone will be able to see either the Bandanas or the Piranha Beverage.... A mention of "Bebida Beverage" could possibly be heard of Dan Hardy wins his match.

The company seems to be for real and February 21st is sort of a way to discover this company in action as they sponsor Dan's bout.  Of course, Feb. 21st may also be a day we see a fly by night development, SHELL COMPANY, disappear if DAN loses.

Is there risk in investing in BBDA? of course.  Huge... It's called: You Lose Everything you put into the BBDA company's common shares.  That's the risk.  This is a gamble... But, the Stock Market is set up to act as a boost / lift for young, starter, companys to gain much needed revenue for their business operations.

And as the investor.. you in turn want to see a return on yourinvestments.  So... Why laugh and scoff???  at .0002 the thing is a Quadruple Bagger already.   The stock hit .006 last year.

Penny Running Scam it may be....  But... There's still a but.

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#1) On February 11, 2009 at 11:54 AM, richm3 (< 20) wrote:

I have been following BBDA and this new developments of the strategic alliance, seem worth the risk for the potential big reward.  I see this stock testing and surpassing the move to .6 cents a share for a 500% move from present level. Use speculative cash for potential high reward, but proceed with care .  Don't bet ther house.

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