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be in but be out



December 27, 2008 – Comments (0)

I think that if Wall Street has the ability to manipulate the market then they would try to get another crash while fear is still high. I am making sure I have cash to buy at a sell off. But I also have stocks that I won’t sell until we get a good run up. .

I fear a big run up more then a crash. After a crash the dow would probably come back to the 8500 level but a run up in the spring or summer may bring people in near the highs and then drop. If people buy on good news and sell on bad they will go broke.

 At some time during the year good news will out way bad and the market will probably go higher then it should so I already have stocks I bought cheep that I will sell on a really good run up.

 I say have stocks for the run up but have cash for the crash. And as always don’t risk more then you can handle.

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