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JedBarleycorn (< 20)

Beer, BEER I SAY, let there be BEER!



August 15, 2013 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: TOSBF , EA , LUV

Gas is cheap even at $5 a gallon. Especially, IMHO, in the face of the massive inflation to follow $5 gas. Moreover, I figure gas prices are gonna go through $5 like corn through a goose.

When that happens, the American consumer will have to think about alternatives to getting out that trusty old pile of Detroit iron to drive a block down to his favorite likker store.

In other words, he will be driven to drink.

Positive impact: electric, hybrid, and ridiculously small cars. Companies with strong internet sales presence. Games, gaming, and game makers. Publishers and booksellers. PC, and TV makers. Credit card, Cruise lines, home improvement, travel, and personal improvement companies, (it’s a long list).

Related Tickers: TSLA, TOSBF, SAM, AMZN, COST, EA, board game and playing card sellers, V, MA, AXP, HD, and LUV.

Negative impact: Detroit iron and other (yes you know who you are) gas guzzlers, casinos and other travel destinations (Look out Mickey here she comes, again), downtown shopping centers, (it’s a long list).

Related Tickers: GM, DIS, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City.

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