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June 30, 2009 – Comments (1)

tax haven International Business Companies

(IBCs)Imagine a company with: one shareholder .. one director .. bearer shares .. nominee directors .. shareholder meetings held anywhere .. by  phone, proxy, or not at all .. offshore banking, safe from creditors, with no requirement to meet or name shareholders or directors and no annual returns to file to any tax department. 
This is exactly what you get with an Offshore Company registered in the tax-haven of  BelizeWhat can you do with an IBC?-     Manage an Offshore Portfolio
-     Offshore banking
-     Own Property and Ships
-     Trade Stocks and other Commodities
-     Lease Equipment and Property
-     International Trade
-     Consulting Services
-     Hold Intellectual Property
-     Financial Planning
-     Retirement Planning
-     Hold Assets SecretlyPractical, Profitable Uses For An International Business Company
(Also referred to as International Business Corporations)

Who needs an offshore company and bank account?

The answer is; practically anybody with a net worth, anyone with assets that may be attached in a potential lawsuit, those wishing to invest without having a tax penalty on the returns, those who wish to run their business in a less restrictive legislation and those who would just like to retain a little plain old privacy in their affairs. IBCs are essential for estate and retirement planning with no taxation or death duties payable.In Belize, legislation has been created in the form of the International Business Company (IBC) Act to provide a vehicle for all the above plus many more. The uses of an IBC are only limited by your imagination.  The Government of Belize is at pains to preserve your privacy and, at the same time, the integrity of the financial services industry here. Directors of IBCs remain anonymous; names of shareholders are not recorded other than at the company's registered office and may not be divulged to any authority. Shares may be issued as "Bearer Shares" and the company may have "nominee" directors.
There are no restrictions on trade from Belize, enabling an IBC to trade globally in total privacy. Banking secrecy is rigidly enforced by law and bank records cannot be made available to the authorities of any jurisdiction. Belize has no tax treaties with any other nation and has no interest in the requests of other nations to do so. Also, since there are no personal or corporate taxes in Belize, any request to the courts  of a tax matter is not admissible.

Your Private Offshore Bank Account

Banking secrecy in Belize is strictly enforced by law. Access to bank records is only available to signatories on the account - and to no one else.
Tax avoidance or even tax evasion are not considered criminal matters in Belize and, since there are no taxes here, there are no statutes relating to them, rendering it impossible for the courts to give a decision, even if asked. No details of the directors, shareholders or beneficial owners can be obtained by any tax authorities and the banks will not reveal even the existence of any account.Offshore banks are regulated far more strictly than banks in the U.S.A. and must, by law, hold much greater reserves. They are all rigorously audited by the Central Banks, safeguarding the banking systems. Deposits in our banks are fully insured.All normal banking services are available, such as current accounts, investment accounts and portfolio Funds with Internet account access. Checking accounts and Gold debit and credit cards are also provided, with no credit checks. If your business has a merchant account  you can have the card receipts credited to your IBC's offshore account.You can have your IBC incorporated in Belize and have the bank account in another jurisdiction if you wish. We provide you with bank choices as part of our service.

Intellectual Property

The simple holding of Intellectual Property in an IBC can account for significant profit increase, tax savings and minimization of reporting and regulatory compliance.

Holding Title to Real Estate, Improved Property, and Other Physical Assets

Precious Metals, Real Estate, Improved Property, Valuable Collections and Shares of Beneficial Interest can be held by an offshore company.

Retirement Planning and Estate Planning

Shift assets and funds into the IBC where there is no tax payable, no death duties and beneficiaries can gain access to the assets offshore, according to your Will.

Asset ProtectionIn litigious countries such as the United States, it has become common practice for individuals and companies to seek offshore protection against: Malpractice claims in the case of  Doctors and other professionals; Product liability; Creditors;  Business or Personal Judgments and problematic divorces.  A Belize IBC's assets cannot be touched by any authority.

Inter-Company Finances; Borrowing, Lending and Leasing

An offshore company holding title to machinery and equipment can lease the same to a company in an onshore jurisdiction with profits for the operation held offshore, unreported and untaxed. A loan and interest from an offshore company can be collected from a company in an onshore jurisdiction.

Ship/Boat Owning and Shipping Company Operation

Register your ship or boat in Belize for minimum tax and liability. Operating costs are also minimized when using personnel from developing countries.

Trade Stocks, Bonds, Options and other Commodities

Trade through your offshore IBC's brokerage account and pay no tax on the profits.

Consultancies and Personal Service Companies

Setting up your consultant service in an offshore jurisdiction will enhance your visibility and increase your earning potential by minimizing taxes and operating expenses.

Personnel Companies/Personnel Management

If you are operating offshore, through an IBC,  you can provide services worldwide. Ease of operation, minimal accounting and retention of earnings can all work toward maximizing income. The individual can be an employee of the offshore company.

Employment for Offshore Contracts

If you or your company has an offshore contract and must hire people to fulfill the details of the agreement, consider retaining the employees or consultants offshore in Belize, where there is no need for payroll taxes, insurance and other compliance costs.

An International Business Company incorporated in Belize, along with the IBC's own Corporate Bank account, offers you and your assets full International secrecy and protection and the sooner you have one setup, the sooner you reap the benefits.

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