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lquadland10 (< 20)

Ben at the FED does not see inflation.



March 03, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SVL , AUY

I am going to try and talk about inflation. The deliberate destruction of the dollar. Now as you know I protect myself with gold and silver because it is only to get more ugly out there. I love this link.

From the time the FED took over the money supply lets see what has happened over the years. I am not counting how much pay went up because then so did taxes and then social security medacade and medicare and a whole lot of other things like FDA Education and what not. In 1913 we will begin to see what one dollar come out to over the years. That dollar in 1923 would need to be 1.73 with a 72.7% inflation rate. That was in just 10 years. In 1933 said dollar would now need to be 1.31 with an inflation rate of 31.3. The FED did better in 20 years than in 10 years. In 1943 said dollar adjusted for devaluation was 1.75 with an inflation rate of 74.7. Well after 30 years they were not doing so good. Now in 1953 that was a very good decade. Social Security is well established now and we are humming along and life seems good. However that 1 dollar would have to be 2.70 with an inflation rate of 169.7% for the last 40 years. Life goes on and the next decade and in 1963 our dollar goes to 3.09 with a 209.1% for the last 50 years. Kennedy had printed the silver certificate dollar and the FED would have been replaced. He was killed. RIP. Only a few silver certificate remain for collectors  remain to this day. I wonder where all those dollars went to.  Onward we march from the 60's to the 70's our poor and weary dollar in 1973 is now needing to be 4.48 with a 60 year inflation rate of 348.5 %. We have just started living with Medicare and Medicaid now for just under a decade. Oh you remember the 70's don't you. Now in 1983 you remember that don't you. 10% unemployment and oh interest rates of oh what 18%? You would now need to pay $4.48 for what you paid a $1.00 for just 60 short years ago. Oh and just 348.5% inflation. Hey look the inflation rate stayed stable for that decade. Now meandering on to 1993 and Oh WOW jumping for joy. That little ole dollar now is $14.60 and an that is 1359.6% rise. The interest rate was lowered. Just rolling along now. Drum roll please. IN 2003 our world weary dollar now needs to be 18.59 for a change rate of 1758.6   Now that you make more in pay and on top of that you have to pay more in taxes is your pay keeping up with inflation. Ok so lets do a from then to today but remember that we are only 2 months into 2011. $1.00  sniff sniff..... $22.24 with the total inflation rate of 2124.5%.

Oh and off topic here for a moment here. What is the deal with  our CFR member Fox that keeps bringing Perry on to talk. Oh god please don't tell me the powers that be are setting him up as next President. Ok Back on topic. So Ben does not see inflation he say's it is running at 2% per year. I don't know what he is looking at but it did take 39.00 to fill up my gas tank today and for all same items at grocery is now costing me 20.00 more than this time last year per week. Yep a very interesting year this is turning out to be.Fool on.

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#1) On March 03, 2011 at 9:47 AM, L0RDZ (91.04) wrote:

Good old Benny doesn't have to fill up anyone gas tanks, if he needs to go anywhere  its in a plush tax payer funded limousine with champagne and coke lol.

Those three  monkeys could probably do just as good of a job as the president or Uncle Ben ~ see no evil  ~ hear no evil ~ speak no evil ones.

Not that I fill up my gas tank that often but whats irritating is that now with higher prices and fools filling up and later claiming that someone stole their credit cards to defer the cost of the fill ups, many ( more like all ) places put limits as to how much you can use per swipe ~ so I can't even fill up on one card swipe ~ my truck  now takes over 75 to fill up and 75 is the per swipe limit   ~ ridiculous because if I wanted I could go someplace else and charge tens of thousands ~ yet at the gas station its rationed to no more than 75 a swipe at the pump.


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#2) On March 03, 2011 at 1:01 PM, lquadland10 (< 20) wrote:

I wonder what it would be to go inside and pay. Then maybe the limit is not per slide. Yes I understand and did you know that we have so much oil all around the world just sitting around. The stritgic oil fields for the USA and China are full. Tankers all around the world floating full. Nat gas up the gazoo. Ech......... I do better at $11.00 and hour than those who make min wage. Ben and the power that be just don't or want to understand. Most of this oil price rise is due to now ben's money magament. Is not his first and formost job is to protect and defend the value of the dollar?

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