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Best of the Mailbag: Anonymous Grammarian from Reno, NV



March 14, 2007 – Comments (2)

I hereby commence a little blog-only feature I'm going to call "best of the mailbag." Today's entry came typewritten, bearing a "Reno NV 895" postmark, dated March 9.


I have faithfully transcribed it, including the original errors. Enjoy. 




March 9, 2007


RE: Seth Jayson- Stock market Manipulation and Malicious behavior. It's time for damage control!


I completely believe in freedom of speech, Seth Jayson has crossed over that line in his massive, illegal stock market manipulation scheme causing Altair Nano Technologies Inc stock share to dip. I believe Seth's conduct is harming Altair and the shareholders by his recluse, inaccurate writing and mulish comments and personal attacks.


I personal have made complaints and reported Seth and Motley Fools to the governmental gencies and left message for my attorney to being investigating legal action against Motley Fools and Seth Jayson. I do look forward to a retraction from Motley fools and at a minimum Seth to be reprimanded if not let go.


The fact of the matter is this: Altair is up ~30% +each year since the new CEO arrived in August 2004. Altair's various technology are now being brought to market, with real sales, may be slower then Seth likes but building a business with new technology takes time and cost money, and may be Altair's past management did nothing and were ???? what ever, but this management team has cleaned house and are performers!


Altair's battery technology is operating and running SUT and SUV in Phoenix Motor Cars today! AES Corporation is on of the worlds biggest power company around and has invested 3 Million into Altair and may be working with Altiar on other business per the conference call. PG&E has purchased SUT from Phoenix Motorcar and Phoenix has received orders for 200 more fleet vehicles to be delivered this year all vehicles have Altair's battery packets installed in them. Also, Let's not forget about the Nano materials for the drug Renozorb with Spectrum and that Ely Lilly (I guess another unknown nothing company is working with Altair for the animal side of this drug. What in the world is Seth up to? Why are his stories so one sided and bias against Altair? The liability and damages this one may cause? Is it worth it? One must ask the question?


The products are in the market the market is purchasing the product with well know 3rd party validation and yet one must ask what is Seth hidden misleading agenda and personal vendetta against Altair? Does Seth past prevent him from acknowledging the current and truthful fact and present validation? Can he not see past his bias behavior and acknowledge that Altair stock has increase ~30% +each year making money for their share holders. Yes, it's a speculative stock and everyone be advised. But what is Seth's hidden agenda? Who is behind Seth and one may ask who does Seth work for? Is Seth upset because Altair will not pay him or Motley Fools to write about them and someone else may pay him to write misleading and damaging news about Altair? One needs to investigate? Does Seth have relationships / friendships with people who short Altair stock? Does he discuss Altair with these people? Seth has written on the Altair BB regularly sometime under his name sometime under AKA... Are his Motley Fools writing staged/ timed?


And truly Seth personal attacks on other writer are astonishing and unethical! When and Where did Seth get his Ph.D.? What is his science degree and what is his Nano Technology experience? What is his battery technology experience that allows him the freedom to make malicious comments and claims against Altair? What does Seth know about nano materials? What does he know about drug development and manufacturing? What does he know about any kind of manufacturing? Who are/is he resources? What products has Seth developed, manufactured and brought to market? What business has he managed? I believe Seth may be a columnist who writes with out facts or knowledge?


Please, I enjoy Motley fools freedoms and expressions but look into this matter and take corrective measures. Lets preserve our freedoms not abuse our freedoms and liberties!


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#1) On March 14, 2007 at 11:02 AM, TMFBent (99.34) wrote:

Oh, and for a brief reality check. While this bag 'o grammar is bragging about Alti's return from August of 2004, that's cherry picking in the extreme. Back up the chart a couple of months and see the real picture.


Or, to see the long-term pain, try this on for size. 

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#2) On March 14, 2007 at 11:43 AM, TheWho44 (94.66) wrote:

Dear Govermint,

 I wood like to complain about Seth Jayson and Motley Crue.  He has been bad-mouthing my prefrred investment vehicle Mega-Millions lotto tickets.  I hardly think this is fair because the quality of the investment is right there in the name. See there going to make me a lotto money........


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