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Best Press Release Writing Service (From Journalists) for your Business



December 05, 2017 – Comments (0)

For companies and organizations looking to get the word out about their new products and services, the best press release writing service continues to be NewswireNEXT. This company is the acknowledged market leader in generating news media attention for their clients. NewswireNEXT is used by journalists and top media organizations around the world to separate the signal from the noise in today’s cluttered media landscape.


The core offering of NewswireNEXT is an affordable, high-quality press release service. NewswireNEXT offers two delivery options: a Normal Delivery (3-5 days) service for just 59 Bucks, and an Express Delivery (24 hours) service for 119 Bucks. Both packages include a professionally written and edited press release by a native English speaker with a background in PR and journalism. The deep subject matter expertise of the NewswireNEXT team ensures that every press release is written in AP style, includes an irresistible headline, and is optimized for wide distribution across the web.


The real purpose of press release and its benefits

There are a variety of reasons why companies and organizations issue press releases. The key reason, though, is to bring increased attention and awareness to a new product, service or event. For example, here are several possible reasons why a company or organization might issue a press release:

 To announce the hiring of new executives or managers

To publicize the launch of a new product

To announce new R&D research findings

To generate awareness of upcoming events

To focus attention on an important new service


For example, a company hiring a new CEO would issue a press release. A high-tech company launching new software or a new digital device would issue a press release. Scientific organizations with an important new medical discovery would issue a press release. Artists and performers about to go on tour would issue a press release to let people know the times, dates and locations of their performances.


In short, companies in every industry use the press release, as do non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In fact, many companies actively maintain a “press room” section on their website, where they maintain an archive of all press releases issued within the past year or two. This makes it very easy for a journalist writing about a company to find exactly what they need, especially if they are working under very tight deadlines.


The chief benefit of a press release is the ability to create a dialogue between these companies and journalists, bloggers and news media writers. In the constant search for the best ideas for articles and blog posts, journalists and writers use press releases as the basis for new stories and articles that will resonate with their readers. Thus, in many ways, a press release is a service provided by a company to keep these media organizations updated on their latest products, services and events.


More generally, a press release is an important news distribution tool for the modern digital media world. That’s why NewswireNEXT spends time optimizing every press release for the newest digital platforms, such as mobile. Whether it’s Facebook Instant Articles or Apple News, you want to make sure that your content is found by readers, whether they are using a computer or a digital device like a tablet.


How to use the modern press release

There is a fundamental distinction between the type of press release created for the pre-Internet analog era and the type of press release created for the modern digital era. While the basic structure of the press release has not changed – it still includes a title, subtitle, date, and a newsworthy body section – the purpose of the press release has changed. The modern press release is now part of other digital marketing efforts. In the modern digital era, the starting point for being found online is simply getting your content properly indexed by the major search engines, and ensuring that there are plenty of links to that content once it is published online.


In the analog era, a press release was essentially a piece of paper with content. In the digital era, a press release is a dynamic piece of content that lives online. As soon as organizations send their press releases to news media organizations, they also publish them online where search engines like Google can find them. Moreover, it is possible to add extras to any press release – such as hyperlinks to important websites as well as multimedia content (photos, videos) that can be embedded in any future story.


Thus, there are certain skills and experience needed to create the modern press release. One of these is the ability to create an engaging story, hook or angle that will attract readers. That’s because press releases are a type of online content that can be shared socially on social media platforms like Facebook. Moreover, the modern press release is all about telling compelling stories, with much less emphasis on the type of “marketing babble” that used to dominate press releases. For that reason, some forward-thinking marketing executives now think of the modern press release as a type of direct marketing.


Why choose the NewswireNEXT press release writing services?

NewswireNEXT stands out for its speed of delivery (with a 24-hour turnaround time possible), affordability and overall quality. There are five main reasons to choose NewswireNEXT the next time you need to publicize a new event, product or service:

AP Style – All press releases are written using official AP style. This makes the job of the journalist or media organization using your press release much easier. With AP style, all formatting, punctuation, grammar and spelling conforms to an international style that is recognized globally. As a result, it is much more likely that your press release will be published “as is.” Moreover, news media organizations will assign a much higher credibility to news from your organization.


Irresistible headline – Since the modern press release needs a strong story, angle or hook, it also makes sense that it also needs an irresistible headline. Since all press releases from NewswireNEXT are written by professional journalists and PR experts, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that all content has been crafted with the goal of attracting new readers. There’s no point in sending out a press release if nobody is going to read it, which is why it’s so vital to have an irresistible headline.


An obvious who, what, when, where and how – Journalists at the world’s top media organizations are often on a tight timeline to create content, especially given the much shorter news cycles of today. Thus, they don’t always have time to figure out why your press release matters – if they can’t immediately figure out who is doing the action, what is happening, when it is happening, where it is happening, and how it is happening – they are likely to move on to the next story. That’s a primary advantage of working with NewswireNEXT – you are getting professionally written press releases that are written with all key information easily and conveniently explained.


A newsworthy body – While an attention-getting headline is critical, it’s just as critical to have a newsworthy body of the press release. Journalists and media organizations are looking for stories that are worthy of sharing with their readers, so the emphasis is on stories that fit into media narratives and trends. For example, why exactly is it so important that your company is releasing Product X? Your press release will need to explain why Product X fits into the current news cycle. Remember – even with the distribution power of the Internet, there is a limit to how many stories a journalist can write. You want to make sure that they choose yours.


Concise formatting and structure – The typical press release is anywhere from 300 to 500 words, with short, concise paragraphs. Typically, there are 1-2 quotes from individuals who can provide context or explanation, as well as a concluding “About Us” section with follow-up information and/or links. Failure to follow this format will almost always automatically get your press release ignored by the major media organizations.


Remember – the modern press release is a dynamic piece of content that must be created for the digital world and the changing ways that companies interact with media organizations. You want to choose a market leader with a team of experienced professionals who know exactly how to optimize your content for distribution online.



Putting it all together, NewswireNEXT offers a simply unbeatable suite of services at a very affordable price. For just 59 Bucks per press release, you can start to attract readers from the world’s top media organizations, as well as some of the most influential blogs in the world, to write about your company or organization. The bottom line is that this is simply too good of an opportunity to pass up. For just 59 Bucks per press release, you get a professionally created press release that will attract attention and create media buzz, leading to the future growth of your company. 

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