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March 03, 2010 – Comments (1)

There are two sides to Alstry's blogging......

1)  The Death of the Industrial Age


2)  The Birth of the Digital Age

Most of my blogging as been focused on the death of the IA and many of you have interpreted it as doom and gloom.....but in fact, it has simply been the factual analysis of the death of one era which preceeds the boom of a new era.

It is very much like the death of the Agricultural Age in the late 1800s as we moved into the IA in the early 1900s.  The problem is most people were leveraged into the Ag Age and much of what had value in the Ag Age had very little value in the IA.

The same will be true as we move from the IA to the DA.  But this time the change will be even more convulsive as we are, relatively, much more entrenched this time around than in the previous transition.  Americans had a much more dynamic and adventerous spirit durinig the last revolutionary change and socially we were better prepared.

This time we are much more entitlement based and our perspectives are clouded by years of general prosperity which is eroding the structure  which we have become accustomed.  For example, most of government revenues is derived from income and property taxes.

Income and property values are products of a leveraged industrial we move forward into the digital age....both will generally go down as the need for labor decreases, incomes evaporates, and fewer and fewer can afford the current model of living expenses.

The current model for government taxes is rapidly becoming obsolete as property taxes and income tax receipts evaporate.......but politicians simply don't want to believe it as they have become accustomed to their fat lifestyle on struggling taxpayers backs.

You see it just don't want to believe it.  We could get rid of over half the city, county and state workers simply by consolidating entities.  We are already getting rid of bank branches, tens millions of square feet of video stores, thousands of postal workers, and excess retailers across the nation.....and none of this is likely to come back.

And this is only the beginning as we are now starting massive cuts into an unsustainable health care system employing tens of millions and consuming almost 20% of a shrinking economy.

Most of you are looking backwards to see the are looking in the wrong direction.  Could you imagine two carriage drivers discussing the business cycle of the carriages for thousands of years only to find out that carriages would eliminated by a guy named Ford?

Its time for Fools to start looking forward......because backwards will be gone real soon.

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Greece Approves Plan for New Taxes and Pay Cuts


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