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Varchild2008 (83.81)

Biased DPS investor LAUGHS at Q2 analyst earnings expectations



July 14, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

I'm biased on DPS so I talk about DPS alot.... Afterall I have poured thousands of dollars into the stock in just a few months beyond 1 year past its IPO day (and I bought near the opening bell on that day).

But.. I don't care that I am biased.. I am excited and thrilled to see Diet Dr. Pepper getting sold as if it's Crack Cocciane.  Those who want to enjoy the taste of Dr. Pepper without the calories....They flock to the Diet brand.

So while I don't see stores with near to empty shelves for the Regular brand.... What I do see at my work place vending machines, Walmart, Meijers, and other locations are empty shelf after empty shelf of the Diet Dr. Pepper beverage.

WIth the company introducing the drink to more fast food chain stores (Mc Donalds + Jack in the box)....Only a matter of time before the investment community pleasantly discovers that the 50 cents a share EPS estimate is completely undervaluing DPS's Q2 performance.

Not to suggest that I expect Goldman Sachs like EPS.... I mean I'm not going to be totally giddy and euphoric.... 

But, I do expect that this quarter will show that out of the following beverage companys:

1) PEP
2) KO
4) DPS

It will be crystal clear that those who chose #4 as their beverage sector stock will be rewarded in the short term far greater than those who agreed with Jim Cramer to jump on the #1 Pepsi bandwagon.

Jim Bellusci may say "No Coke!  Pepsi!"      Varchild2008 says, "No Coke! No Pepsi!  No Monster! No Redbull!  Diet Dr. Pepper!"

And as long as this DPS ticker symbol is below its $26.50 IPO.... I'm a buyer of the stock and I'm valuing DPS as a Strong Buy here....  

Q2 EPS estimate?  54 cents.

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