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Biden Bids Farewell to your Freedom



June 26, 2010 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: BP

Biden Bids Farewell to your Freedom

From CBS News Joe Biden tells his supporters (grovelers) that 8 million jobs lost can not possibly be recovered....

Well.. Of course not.... Not with LIBERALISM in control of our governmental regulatory system....

Liberalism does want to recover people's jobs....   Liberalism's goal is simply to destroy the economy so that the Government has to step in and fulfill the missing need... pushing 8 million American Workers from the private sector into 8 Million Welfare Recipients.

That's all Obama wants out of you... That's all Biden cares about....  He wants YOU to not bother looking for a job....

It's called "Lowering your Spirits" and "Lowering your Self-Esteem" and "Lowering your Self-Worth" so that you then place yourself into the Care of the Federal Government....

If President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden can destroy every Grocery / Food Store in America over night they would!   And they would do this so as to then create "Government Food Centers" run and managed by this or that Government Agency.

America is already on the path to handing over our Health Care system to the Federal Government through the OBAMACARE health care plan that seeks to bankrupt Health Care companies or at the very least force them to comply with a Governmental Regulated Version of Health Care Insurance.

America is already on the path to handing over all of our Financial Banks into the hands of the Federal Government so every decision is a Federal Government decision when it comes to the day to day management of each banking company.

America is already on the path to handing over the entire Fossil Fuel Industry (Oil and Natural Gas) to the Federal Government.  Why do you think President Obama won't lift his Moratorium on Oil Drilling even after a Judge has ruled it unconstitutional?

Cap and Trade if it ever happens will most certainly destroy whatever Private Sector control is left in Oil and Natural Gas companies.....

Look at the oil spill.... I have yet to see/hear Vice President Biden or President Obama talk about the absolute destruction of jobs that would be a result if BP oil company goes bankrupt....

This is an Administration that will destroy any number of jobs in the private sector if it politically suits their needs and goals of Liberalism.

It's pretty  Vice President Biden knows that Obama could have just kept the Oil Rigs going but send out Ship Surveyors or Auditors to inspect the Rigs for safety compliance and regulatory compliance.      Any RIG that is not in compliance could then be shut down until they are in compliance.

That is the solution of an "American Patriot."   But President Obama and Vice President Biden are by no means PATRIOTS...     They are 180 degrees opposite of that.  They seek to Cut America down to size by handing over more and more priveledges to Illegal Immigrants and to our Foreign Allies / Enemies of the world.

Improving our image by just letting other nations do whatever they want.... I mean at what cost?  It's at the cost of our National Security that we act like LAP DOGS  to Medvedev of Russia.....   Whatever Russia wants, President Obama gives!

And in reality....  What are we left with when Obama gives away everything you have?  We are left with a President of the United States who thinks it is perfectly acceptable to Give away your freedom.

You heard it from Vice President Biden,  "Don't expect the 8 million jobs lost to ever be recovered."

Vice President Biden Bids Farewell to your Freedom.

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#1) On June 26, 2010 at 5:55 PM, alberta911 (< 20) wrote:

“We want to move from suicidal gray capitalism … so the green economy will start off as a small subset, and we’re going to push it, and push it, and push it, until it becomes the engine for transforming the whole society.”
— Obama’s future (and now former) Green Jobs Czar Van Jones 
in a 2008 interview

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#2) On June 28, 2010 at 4:13 PM, roberto20 (< 20) wrote:

Man what rambling. You did not give one letter, word, sentence , paragraph of fact data or something. Your blog is just hateful paranoid babbling. Please get help quickly.

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