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dpdoor (< 20)

Big Rally Oct 5, 2012



May 20, 2012 – Comments (2)

Oct 5 2012 is most likely to have a very large up swing. It has to do with the bond market being closed; stock market opened; the last important Employment Situation report before the close of the last month before the elections. Over the last year or more, they have hit us with bad news and bad reports on holidays where the stock market is closed and the bond market is open. This helps keep interest rates down while minimizing the damage to the stock market. Oct 5 is the opposite, the stock market is open and the bond market it closed. It also is the day of the employment situation for the previous month. October is the last month's 401k statement you will see before the elections. It is a perfect storm if you believe the reports and news are manipulated, if you still believe the major stocks are controlled by the economy then this won't make sense to you.

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#1) On May 21, 2012 at 3:25 PM, leohaas (30.15) wrote:

OK, so it is all one big conspiracy, and October 5th will prove your point.


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#2) On June 01, 2012 at 8:06 PM, dpdoor (< 20) wrote:

The correct date is oct 8. Oct 5 is the Friday before and the day to buy. Monday Oct 8 is when we will get major reports that will spark a rally.

Buy the way I called this down turn for May and this month. I went short the end of last qtr. I went long in Nov to end of March. Fed meetings and central banks meetings = bad news twist on events for 6 weeks prior. Suddenly the reports will be good after the meetings.

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