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Bill Laggner Interview



June 06, 2010 – Comments (3)

Here is a very good interview with Bill Laggner (of Bearing Asset Management) on King World News. I very much agree with what he had to say with regard to the financial and monetary system of most advanced economies. He discusses: Sentiment, Mortgage delinquencies, misinformation, lack of liquidity in the market, HFT trading, market "class warefare", the costs of a systemic bailout, gold as a monetary asset, soverign debt issues, leverage levels in the German banks and US banks, the Hungary debt crisis, the lack of ECB planning in handling this crisis, monetization of Eurozone debt, carry trade unwinds, Japanese monetization vs. US monetization, Bearing Asset Management's track record, bursting of the sovereign debt bubble, short selling as a means to price discovery (which I *completely* agree with)



Bill Laggner is the Co-Founder of Bearing Asset Management along with his fund partner Kevin Duffy.  Bill’s fund has never lost a client in the history of their fund and the returns over the last 3 years have been staggering with a 134% return in 2008 alone.  Bill and his fund partner Kevin have correctly diagnosed the markets for many years staying ahead of the curve and positioning their clients for tremendous gains while many funds were hurt in 2008. In this interview Bill discusses gold, the stock market, levels of bearishness in terms of sentiment, the credit fiasco and people not paying their mortgages, risking a run on the currency, problems in the Eurozone and more.

Bill Laggner, Co-Founder of Bearing Asset Management

Graduate of the University of FL (BS in Finance with honors). Began in the investment industry in the late 80’s, initially as a stockbroker and then moved to the buy side at Fidelity Investments. I left Fidelity in late 1998 to manage my own investments. Actually cut my teeth on the short side during the tech bubble and after it had burst, we formed Bearing (Bearing Asset Management) in the early part of this decade.

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#1) On June 07, 2010 at 4:01 AM, Tastylunch (28.58) wrote:

Binve you see this?

Frankly it's keeping me from sleeping tonight. :(

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#2) On June 07, 2010 at 9:22 AM, binve (< 20) wrote:

Tastylunch ,

Being completely truthful, I am totally positioned for a move like that. I don't hope for it, but I do think it is very likely. I do think there will be a little more volatility before the next crash, but here is my current thinking on the waves: A Look at the Waves, Discussion of Options and Diagonals, and a Review of the Big Picture

I think the bear market is in serious danger in getting underway in as little as the next 2 weeks and maybe as long as a couple of months from now if my wave counts are even close to correct...

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#3) On June 07, 2010 at 7:07 PM, ozzfan1317 (70.58) wrote:

Tasty that is scary I dont know whether to raise cash or protect capital or just stop

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