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Biotech Can Bring a Tear to Your Eye



April 15, 2008 – Comments (0)

But  it can also them away.

Genetically modified foodstuffs haven't exactly been market blockbusters in the past.  Still the work continues with such noble products such as Golden Rice, rice manipulated to also make beta-carotene.  Now we have a new, though probably completely unnecessary, product from New Zealand - Onions that won't make you cry.  This was done by silencing an enzyme that creates sufenic acids, which are converted to S-oxides by other enzymes when the onions are cut.

But isn't the crying part of the onions charm?  Wouldn't we be better off altering the way onions effect your breath? [Probably a bigger market honestly - but possibly the same issue].

So a little Flavr Savr tomato, no cry onions, transgenic eggs from Origin and you have the perfect biotech omelet breakfast.

Well....not quite perfect.  I'm still waiting for someone to take the GFP pigs and fry me up some - well, you know.

Ralph (Zz)



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