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Boston Bombers was on welfare ?



April 24, 2013 – Comments (2)

Part of  whats  wrong   with America  is  our  willingness  to  provide  help.

Billions  to  crappy  business managers  who  ran  our  auto motive industry into the  ground.

Welfare benefits to  the older  Boston bomber   who  decided   to  do  his  God's  work  instead  of  providing  for  his  immediate family,  ironically  he  was  kicked off  welfare  when  his  wife's  work income  exceeded  income levels to remain  on  assistance.

Both  his  parents  were  on  welfare  while  they were  here in  America  and  apparently  the  mom has  an  outstanding  warrant  for  her arrest  for  retail  fraud  over 1,000 dollars  ~   for  the  lay person  she  shoplifted  $1,600  in  clothes  from a  Lords and  Taylors.

Its  just  messed up  how  someone  who is (excuse me was)  able  bodied  to work,  becomes a  scum bag  dead beat  bomb  making  terrorist.

His  uncle  said  it best when  he  called  that part of  the family  losers.



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Defensively-oriented groups were among the leaders of the first-quarter market rally. Today, however, three defensive sectors finished firmly lower after top-line results from major components failed to justify the considerable first-quarter gains.

Consumer staples, telecom, and health care sectors all registered losses of at least 1.7%.

Consumer staples lagged after Procter & Gamble (PG 77.12, -4.82) reported revenue below the Capital IQ consensus estimate. In addition, the company issued cautious fourth quarter earnings and revenue guidance.

Elsewhere, telecoms were pressured by AT&T (T 37.04, -1.96) after the carrier missed on revenue. In addition, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley both downgraded the stock.

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#1) On April 25, 2013 at 12:33 PM, fewl10 (< 20) wrote:

The title is all you need.  Of course they were on Welfare.  Everything about that entire event illustrates the stupidity of the Leftist policies that have swept the nation relating to the futility of restrictive gun control, free handouts, welfare, and big government's ever-expanding intrusion into people's lives.  So how do all you Bostonian's feel about getting kicked out of your house and having an unconstitutional, warrantless search of your property for a week?  Do you still love Obama to death?  

That two youth were able to shut down an entire city of 7 million, costing millions of dollars, only shows how effective terrorism can be and ensures future similar events will occur.  The government's completely backward response to this event shows how incredibly stupid it is, and by extension, how incredibly stupid the majority of the American People have become.  

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#2) On April 25, 2013 at 1:31 PM, L0RDZ (90.16) wrote:

What bothers me more  than hand  outs to  say  people who might  otherwise  have their  children  starve  if  not  for  assistance  is  the  welfare  handed  out  to  extremely large  businesses.

Case in  point  the  Ford Motor  company...   they got  bogus  props  for   them  not  needing  gov assistance  at  the  time  both GM  and Chrysler  went  bankrupt...  except  they  had  no problems asking  and  getting   several  billions  in  dollars  from  the  Obama  administration  to  pursue  and retool   themselves into  electric  and  other  lefty Obama  wanting  miniature  cars.

They  got  around  6  billion  from  the Dept of  Energy.

It has been speculated that at least two of the Big Three U.S. automobile manufacturers may not be able to qualify for this program because of its fuel economy and financial solvency requirements.[2]

In November 2008, the auto industry began lobbying for the $25 billion to be loaned immediately, as well as another $25 billion to be loaned later to cover retirees health care costs.[2]

USDOE announced in 2009 $8 billion in conditional loan agreements for Ford Motor Company; Nissan North America, Inc.; and Tesla Motors, Inc. to fund the development of advanced vehicle technologies. The loan commitments include a $5.9 billion loan to Ford for upgrading factories in five states to produce 13 more fuel-efficient models, a $1.6 billion loan to Nissan to build advanced electric vehicles and advanced batteries, and a $465 million loan to Tesla Motors to manufacture its new electric sedan. These are the first conditional loans released under DOE's Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) Loan Program, which is using an open, competitive process to provide about $25 billion in loans to companies that produce cars or vehicle components in the United States. To qualify, companies must propose projects that increase fuel economy to at least 25% above 2005 fuel economy levels.[5]

Ford Motor Company will receive its loans through 2011, using the funds to upgrade its engine plants in Dearborn, Michigan; Cleveland, Ohio; and Lima, Ohio, and to upgrade its transmission plants in Livonia, Michigan; Sterling Heights, Michigan; and Sharonville, Ohio. Ford will also upgrade its assembly plants in Chicago, Illinois; Louisville, Kentucky; Dearborn, Michigan; Wayne, Michigan; and Kansas City, Missouri, converting two of the truck factories into assembly plants for cars. In addition, the Ford loans will finance advances in traditional combustion engines and electrified vehicles and help raise the fuel efficiency of more than two dozen popular models.[5]

Nissan aims to manufacture a cost-competitive electric vehicle with a lithium-ion battery pack in Smyrna, Tennessee, and plans to eventually reach a production capacity of 150,000 vehicles per year.[5]

Tesla Motors will use its funding to finance a California-based manufacturing facility for the Tesla Model S sedan, an all-electric sedan that can be recharged at a conventional 120-volt or 220-volt outlet. Production will begin in 2011 and ramp up to 20,000 vehicles per year by the end of 2013.[5]

The fourth conditional commitment the Department of Energy has entered into under the ATVM Loan program is a $528.7 million loan for Fisker Automotive for the development of two lines of plug-in hybrids by 2016.[6]

Obama is  picking  winners and  losers  ,  but  mostly  losers...

Fisker auto  has  basically  defaulted  on  any attempt  to  repay  even its  first scheduled  repayment  amount.

The  gov-ment  are  a bunch  of  Liars...  I  like how  they said  that 19 year old  Joker  got  into  a  gun  fight  with  them  for  over  an  hour  at  the  boat  sight  and  than  had  to  re-state  facts  when  a  gun  was  not  found  in  his possesion ?  so  he  just  magically  pointed  his  fingers  and  exchanged  gun fire  with the police ?

Than how  the  home owner  found a bloody  kid under  his  tarp  on  his  boat,   I  bet  had  he known what  a drama  queen  the  police would  be  he  probably  wishes  that  he  just  would have  dragged  that  fool  off his boat  and  into citizens arrest.

Instead  i'm told  the police shot up his boat. 

It was disgusting  to see armored vehicles  ride up to homes with heavily  armed  police  force  people  out of  their  homes and  suggest  that  the  home owners voluntarily permitted  warrantless searches  and  despite  the  amassed  9 thousand  plus law  enforcement   it  took  a simple  phone  call  after  they lifted  the  order  to remain  in  your  homes  and yet  they still  took several  hours   to  apprehend  that  terrorist  wanna  be.

All the  while supposedly  they had  the  older brother  on  some  governmental list.  Well  they  had  him  on  several  lists,  and  one  of  them was  a  welfare  recipient.  

It would  be  sad  if  the  denial of  welfare benefits  was one of  the reasons he  decided  to  blow up  innocent  people  at  the boston  marathon.

Apparently  they  ~  9 thousand  plus police force  made an example  out of  one  person  who  objected to  having  his home searched  when they  forced him outside  and  made him get  buck a$$  naked  and  lie  down  face  down  on  the  ground  spread eagle as  they  than continued  to search  for  the  terrorists.

Excellent police work indeed.

They  let  those  two  escape   despite  the police  unloading over 200 rounds  towards  them  and despite  the ability to track  their cell phones.  Oh sure one  got  killed and ran  over,  but come on.

The police milked it for  all  they could that day.  

An  armed citizen  could  have  prevented   two youths  from  shutting down  an entire  city  for  7  days.

But Obama's  solution is  for   disarming  citizens.

A better solution  would  be  to require decent  people  to  carry weapons.

Thankfully  a call   from a concerned citizen  eventually ended the siege.


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