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Both bad news and fantastic news about my diplomatic passport.



July 25, 2009 – Comments (1)

First, as I suspected, the diplomatic passport from the third world country is pretty worthless. I had three choices of countries and I knew that they wouldn't help much for visa free travel, but they would help me with privacy. I could get diplomatic plates and a few more perks like traveling with a diplomatic bag. Those things, while worth more to me than most people, were not worth the price being charged. I thought that if I could get an appointment to one or more of the countries that I would reside in though, that the diplomatic immunity would be priceless. Surprisingly I could get appointment quite easily. The problem is that if I got appointed, it would garner me more attention and not less attention. Apparently these 3 countries give a diplomatic passport to anyone with the money and other governments know it. The people with these documents walk into a country with a lot of attention from the federal police force. Also, passports of this type are easily rescinded by the corrupt government that issues them, making this a poor investment. I have a really good lawyer working on this, but he admittedly knows nothing about obtaining a diplomatic passport. He did know another lawyer that suggested 2 countries in the EU. We are looking into those now, but those 2 countries were recOn another note, I think that St Kitts may be out of the picture for noe.ommended by a third gentleman. The other lawyer also referred us to him and he is so off grid it amazes me! He is off-grid in a way that only a government can make you off grid. He had some great advice. He explained that if I wanted to be a legitimate diplomat, I should deal with diplomats. He also said that diplomats are always willing to trade for something that they want, you just have to know what that is. He told me that diplomats gain status by pleasing politicians, and I simply have to read the news for a particular country and see what the government is focused on. He also gave me a couple of other ideas, if the research in the 2 other countries doesn't pan out. The thing that got me most excited was when I asked him if he thought that trying for a diplomatic passport from a respectable country is a pipe dream. He said that while I might have to be persistent, my odds were good. I just had to be in the right place with the right idea at the right time.

On another note, I think that St Kitts is out of the picture for a while. It was my plan B, but I'm thinking more and more like I need to seperate my second citizenship from my second residency. St Kitts is still my favorite if I have to combine those two things, but If I can get a diplomatic passport, I think I can focus entirely on the best place to live for plan B.


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#1) On July 25, 2009 at 9:16 AM, ChrisGraley (28.53) wrote:

Sorry guys I posted this while the site was down for maintenance last night and it looks like things got juxtaposed a bit when I hit resend this morning.


"He did know another lawyer that suggested 2 countries in the EU. We are looking into those now, but those 2 countries were recommended by a third gentleman"

That should make a little more sense.

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