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Bush Loves Dictators



November 21, 2007 – Comments (4)

This is amazing. He calls a guy who actively supresses dissent via arbitrary jailings, sacks then restacks his nation's highest court, and otherwises fixes elections through tight media control and blatant, government-sponsored thuggery "truly... somebody who believes in democracy."

Maybe this is no surprise, since Bush oncet tried to tell us that he looked deep into Putin's eyes and saw, what was it? A man with a gentle soul? Besides, Bush and his cronies have made similar moves here in the U.S. -- witness the purge of independent federal prosecutors by a young, inexperienced, power-drunk right-wing, religious-school hack hired to do Gonzo's dirty work. Or Tom Delay's K street project and the tentacles of partisan cronyism that wormed their way through the entire federal bureaucracy.

Need more? Press control here isn't as overt, but it's there, from administration pressure on reporters not to cover unpleasant subjects (like coffins being unloaded from Iraq) to Pentagon wordsmiths' attempts to change war vocabulary, to bogus, helicopter-escorted "strolls" through Baghdad streets by clueless and compliant Republican lawmakers, to Cheney and Rumsfeld's and Rove's regular Fox News fib-athons, to outright lies directly from the President's mouthpiece.

Former White House Spokesman Scott McLellan is going to detail how he spread lies on behalf of the White House after Bush's vindictive pseudo-patriots outed Valerie Plame to bolster its case for invading Iraq, by attempting to discredit the report (later proved to be 100% true) that Iraq had not attempted to import weapons-grade uranium from Africa.

Same old story. "Democracy" is just a catchphrase to guys like Bush. What they really care about is raining taxpayer dollars down upon enemies of their enemies. That is exactly what came back to bite us in the tuckus with Bush Sr.'s former buddy, Saddam, or Noriega, or our puppet, the Shah, or any number of other despots we propped up only to see them toppled in a wave of popular resentment.

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#1) On November 21, 2007 at 3:55 PM, Hudarios (< 20) wrote:

Let's be honest here, Bent. Bush can do no right as far as you're concerned. It seems like you're on a constant prowl for evidence that Bush is either stupid or evil, even if that "evidence" is sometimes contradictory.

If Bush labels a country as part of an "axis of evil," then he's simple-minded. If he actually moves to topple a dictator, then he's a murdering war-monger. If he then tries to plant democracy in its place, then he's either naive or a cultural bully.  But then on those rare occasions when he chooses to live with a dictator like Musharraf in the hopes of improving the democratic situation later on, you don't proclaim "finally he's leaving a country alone!" No, you do a 180 and call him a "lover of dictators."

The guy who toppled Saddam and the Taliban loves dictators?  The guy who insisted that elections take place in Iraq and Afghanistan loves dictators?  The guy who labeled Iran and N. Korea, both dictatorships, as part of an "axis of evil" loves dictators?  Please, stick with picking stocks. This is a blog about stocks, yes??

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#2) On November 21, 2007 at 6:38 PM, TMFBent (99.24) wrote:

"constant prowl for evidence that Bush is either stupid or evil,"

LOL. It appears in the headlines every day. Did you skip the original article, the one where our president said that a man who has locked away political opponents, fixed his country's supreme court by firing the original lot and replacing them with cronies, and keeps the press under his thumb "believes in democracy?" Those are the actions of someone who believes only in rigging elections so he can try to appear as the choice of a democracy. There's a huge difference.

As for the rest, you need to brush up on your history. Do you know who NURTURED Saddam and the Afghani religious extremists who opened the door for the Taliban? Hint: His name was Bush (with his mentor, Reagan). I don't suppose you remember when Rumsfeld went to Saddam and quietly asked him please not to gas too many more of his own people? That administration's first reaction to Saddam's gassings was to blame it on Iran. Only some intrepid journalists got the real story.

Democracy in Afghanistan? Again, do your homework. We are still paying off warlords in that country to do as they please so long as they don't cause too much trouble. There's no security outside Kabul. I know people who work there.

North Korea? Bush's juvenille refusal to engage them earlier is what enabled them to get their bomb in the first place.

And if you think stupidity and cronyism have nothing to do with stocks, you haven't been watching the tickers lately, or doing the math on the federal defecit. Who do you think is going to get stuck with the bill for all this militant stupidity? Hint: it won't be Bush.

Bush likes dictators and totalitarian regimes just fine, so long as they are his kind of thugs. Putie Poot. P. Mushie. The Saudis. Various strongmen running former soviet republics where we are allowed to stash our military.

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#3) On November 21, 2007 at 7:15 PM, Hudarios (< 20) wrote:

My gosh – you’re absolutely right.  I keep forgetting that George W. Bush is personally responsible for all evil on planet Earth.  Did you know he caused the tsunami, and started World Wars I and II too?

And you’re right – because Bush is evil, we must dismiss Middle Eastern democracy (in Iraq and Afghanistan) immediately. If it doesn’t work perfectly in the first month or so, then it will never work. Besides, we can’t give such an evil man credit for liberating people. But then again, you’re also right that we must demand perfect democracy in Pakistan immediately.

Brilliant!  Keep up the good work.

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#4) On November 27, 2007 at 11:32 AM, wingedcreat0r (41.86) wrote:

This is a pretty good doc on Pakistan's involvement... or lack of.

I admit, pbs can be biased at times.

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