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Buy an Airport on eBay!



January 22, 2010 – Comments (0)

I've been rediscovering the fun of browsing eBay and came across this listing:

Sure, basically all of those fat cat wall street CEOs have their own airplanes... but how many have their own airPORTS?

I'm not exactly sure what the logic was behind sticking this on eBay... did they think that someone looking for a copy of Idiocracy on DVD for <$5 (me) would kind of stumble on this and not have anything better to do with the $4 million dollars that's taking up all his closet space?  Sigh.

On a side note, can somebody explain to me why Zillow hasn't put 5-6% real estate commission brokers out of business yet?  I'm trying to sell my parent's house... what value does an undereducated hyper-talker add to the process?  Not 5-6% value, that's for damn sure.  Translate 5% on, say a $500,000 house... then divide it in half for the cobroke fee... really? $12,500 to guess what my house is worth when I can easily pull all the recently sold comps off Zillow and list it there too?  And let's not forget the tremendous value added by the buyer's broker.... really? $12,500 to chauffeur somebody around and open doors?  An attorney only costs $1,000 to handle the closing.  The gist of the 5%, I guess, is that it pays for the time and effort spent by these poor souls that never ended up in a sale.  But who wants to do that??

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