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C'mon little red hat



October 11, 2013 – Comments (0)

Oh daily dancing dow and frettingly fickle financials...

My fully vested vision extends far beyond these short term death spirals and rocket blasts. I am confident, with the help of the greater Fool, that in 5, 15, 25 years my returns, and possibly more importantly the returns of my children, will be positive and the discipline of investing in great companies for the long term will reap its own rewards. The multiyear holdings that I currently have are, in number and percentage, far more positive than negative. Because of the multiyear holding, these crazy contrived cambers take away only a small portion of the exceptional profit percentages that the stocks have previously attained. In the present, and short time frame of my CAPS life, though, they take me to the depths and heights in only two week's time. Just you wait. I am convinced the reward goes to the disciplined and the patient.

 However, in my little CAPS world of today... I can't wait and don't want to wait! So I say again...



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