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Varchild2008 (85.34)

Can a Digital Re-Sell Market Exist? (GME)



December 29, 2011 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Short Answer:  Yes and Here's how it can be done:

Long Answer:

I dnload a PC video game digitally to my hard drive via IMPULSE (PC DOWNLOADS)
and I beat the game.  I then decide that I no longer want the game.

What do I do?  What are my options?

Do I just let the game exist on my Hard Drive taking up space?

Do I delete the digital video game?

Hmm...Those are 2 options that do not interest me.

I want to Re-Sell the digital video game instead.

STEAM or IMPULSE/PC DOWNLOADS or ORIGINS or ect.  could theoretically set up their software to lock certain digital video games to your account.

Yes this means having to log-in to STEAM or ORIGINS or IMPULSE/PC DOWNLOADS
before you can play the game.

But the point is that if you sell off your digital video game to someone, that video game must now be inaccessible to you...

You are no longer allowed to have the game (period) and since it is a game that can not be dnloaded onto your Hard Drive in the first place....but sits in the CLOUD with a CODE that grants you permission to play it after you have bought it.... Then that CODE can transfer over to whomever you sold the game to while locking you out of playing the game.

It is that simple.

STEAM already has a program to *gift* video games to people.

STEAM is already 1 step in the direction of Digital Re-Sell marketplace.

So to ever suggest that DIGITAL = NO RE-SELL MARKETPLACE is absolutely wrong.

Look....  The reality is CHRON X  was the first to introduce a Digital Re-Sell market.

So I know it has existed before.... CHRON X  (Geneticanomalies) accomplished it with flying colors.
Hackers were challenged to hack and destroy Chron X and they couldn't do it.

Alas....Chron X no longer exists as Geneticanomalies no longer exists.... But, I look to that game as absolute undeniable proof you can Re-Sell digital video games.

How did it work for Chron X?  Just as I described.  I purchase Cards and those purchased Cards form a Deck I can play with.

I got tired of CHRON X and I went and sold off my Cards to another Player.  I effectively RE-SOLD the cards and thus effectively RE-SOLD my video game.

He had an account....  I had an account.   The Cards themselves sat in the CLOUD not on my hard drive.  I simply Traded off the Cards after I received the check in the mail.  Wallah!

Digital Re-Sell !!!!

Wizards of the Coast did the same thing with Magic the Gathering Online.


A transition to Digital for Bricks stores does not mean RE-SELL Market dies.

Now maybe there is pressure out there from Publishers to prevent their being a Digital Re-Sell market.   Perhaps....

But, Gamestop as they have done so with JOLT and KONGREGATE can certainly act as Publisher to their own Developers and at the very least create a RE-SELL Marketplate for Video Games they develop/publish.

I strongly believe that as Publishers push into the Retail space....Gamestop should push into the Video Game Publishing space.

That is the solution for Gamestop.   Whether or not JOLT works out in the end is irrelevant. Eventually Gamestop will find and purchase a Developer that who knows....becomes the next great Developer of Video Games.

And with PC DOWNLOADS + SPAWN LABS + KONGREGATE......Simply reality is Gamestop has enough products to entice developers to join forces with Gamestop on.

People talk about ZYNGA's employee atmosphere being poor....

Gamestop only needs to provide a much better Employee Atmosphere for Video Game Developers and Software Programmers/Artists to entice them to abandon employers that treat them badly.

The future of Gamestop is DIGITAL RE-SELL + my humble opinion.

And Gamestop seems to have built enough infrastructure to pull this out.

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#1) On December 29, 2011 at 6:25 PM, Varchild2008 (85.34) wrote:


I totally assumed big time on this post that people understand that we are not talking about some pointless effort where you have the exact same video game exchanging hands...

That's a cop out...   Simply selling the game in the first place is the same thing and so therefore....there is no RE-SELL Digital Marketplace.

Chron X is not that.... It is different

Magic The Gathering Online is different...

World of Warcraft is different

Farmville is different

The SIMS  3         is different

You see?

What makes it different is that all of these either have microtransactions or they have "Progress" which is of some monetary value to Video Game Customers.

A Customer would want to $$$$$ something for a LVL 40 Elf character in World of Warcraft.

However...A Customer isn't going to buy  DOOM III which is just a single player game and who cares about the Save Game files?

When you RE-SELL a video game that is digital you will be selling:

A)  Your SAVED GAME files

B)  Any DLCs you purchased for the game

C)  Any MAP PACKS or Expansion Packs you bought for the game.

D) Any Microtransactions you purchased.

You see?

The Pre-Owned Digital would have a Description that explains exactly why you should purchase THIS VERSION instead of buying just the Digital Game alone.

Thus effectively you do create an Economy of Scale for a single Digital Game where it makes sense to see it pass from 1 hand to another another another...

Customer 1 sells  LVL 40 ELF  to Customer 2

Customer 2 levels up the ELF to LVL 80 and sells it off to Customer 3.

Customer 3 buys all the best Equipment for the ELF in microtransactions and purchases an Expansion Pack...

Then sells the ELF / GAME to Customer 4.

Get it???

Digital Re-Sell Marketplace!!!

P.S.  I have a huge habit of assuming people can connect the dots but I know that perhaps in this case they may not be able to.

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#2) On December 29, 2011 at 6:45 PM, Varchild2008 (85.34) wrote:

hmm 1 more thing...

GAMESTOP + ZYNGA    M/A  is on my mind big time.

Or perhaps  GAMESTOP  +  POPCAP games?

Or something to that effect!

Gamestop pretty much doesn't need to worry about Pre-Owned Physical going away if they can get on board the Microtransaction bandwagon.

ZYNGA earns loads of money off of these microtransactions.

That certainly is offsetting to the possibility that Pre-Owned Physical goes away.   What Investor is going to *care* about Preowned Physical going away if GAMESTOP merges with ZYNGA?

And ZYNGA desperately needs to get its games to the public outside of FACEBOOK dependancy.

How better to do that than to see those games on all kinds of platforms that Gamestop can provide?

SPAWN LABS .....for example......KONGREGATE.....for example.....IMPULSE......for example....

GAMESTOP can shower ZYNGA's video games with all kinds of ways for customers to enjoy them other than having to log into Facebook.

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#3) On December 29, 2011 at 6:49 PM, Varchild2008 (85.34) wrote:


Buy a Pre-Owned iPhone or  Samsung Galaxy SII (when Gamestop decides to get into the Android Phone Market) and you get pre-installed  FARMVILLE and other ZYNGA games?

The Pre-Owned Tablet, Phone, iPOD, market that Gamestop has growing every day is a perfect enticement for ZYNGA....

Instead of worrying about FACEBOOK growth.... You now have Gamestop pushing your Video Game with each sale of Mobile Device.

The Perfect Marriage is ZYNGA + GAMESTOP



I do not see how I am wrong on this. What other way is there to put to rest the B.S. about Gamestop going bankrupt?

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#4) On December 29, 2011 at 6:55 PM, Varchild2008 (85.34) wrote:

For that matter...

Why don't we see JOLT's video games on these Mobile Devices?

Championship Manager for example should be put on these Devices.

Let's get JOLT some exposure!

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#5) On December 30, 2011 at 1:55 PM, memoandstitch (< 20) wrote:

Game publishers loathe re-sell and they would kill to kill Gamestop re-sell.  Fortunately, they don't have to do much to stop digital re-sell (just put a clause in the contract with steam, impulse, etc.).

Ask Blizzard how much they hate Chinese farmers selling WoW accounts. 

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