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Can You Say TITANIC???



March 08, 2010 – Comments (0)

You simply can't print money so Fools can consume and lend each other the money is running out and there are fewer and fewer places to borrow.  We are closing schools, hospitals, police departments and more.  Our cities, counties and states are essentially bankrupt.......

And the stock market is going up????

Beijing looks at severing dollar peg...

China says U.S. ties 'seriously disrupted'...

If we keep printing.... our money will be worthless and most incomes may not be able to buy a gallon of gas..........

If we stop printing.... a depression is assured, but at least we start the foundation for the future.

There always is the third choice.......but you think America is prepared for war?.....where the opponents actually can hit back.

Interesting times indeed.

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