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Capitalism w/Public Bailouts Is Like The Priesthood w/Pedophilia



December 03, 2011 – Comments (0)

In order to understand Alstry's blogging, you must understand money.  MOST INVESTORS DON'T.  Money is simply the means to obtain the production of essence, it is the primary representation of the production of humanity....see previous blog.

In Capitalism, money is private.  It is privately created, privately owned, privately spent.  In Communism, it is just the opposite, money is public.....publicly created, publicly owned, publicly spent.

We can argue the positives and negatives of both in a different blog.....

The key moral component to Capitalism and the moral right to accumulate money wealth is PRIVATE RISK is tied to PRIVATE REWARD.  An easy example is allowing the hunter to keep all of his prey if he goes out, risks his life, and  kills it.  If you separate the two, and make risk public, but reward private......those that are privately rewarded control the production/lives of those that are not....applying the above example, how would the hunter feel if we gave the neighboring village the proceeds of the hunter's kill and offered the hunter little or nothing.

Giving Wall Street trillions of dollars and Main Street little or nothing is no are PUBLICLY handing Wall Street the production of the nation and offering Main Street little or nothing.  In essence, such behavior is government sponsored theft of Main Street for the benefit of a relative few.

Whether they know it or not, it is what is driving the Occupy Movement in America today.  Something many of you know Alstry predicted woudl rise up a few years ago.  Many are learning when primary distinction between PRIVATE wealth and poverty is a PUBLIC bailout and NOT the capitalist's efforts.....this is nothing more than tyranny and theft in a Capitalist system.

Such behavior must be stopped.  If government doesn't help, the citizens are morally compelled to take matters into their own hands and restore equity....or life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It is why Alstry quit "investing" and stopped offering investment advice....because morally can be no PRIVATE wealth with PUBLIC is nothing more than theft......just like there should be no priests who are pedophiles..the two are morally inconsistent... as it too is theft of the innocence/production of a child.....and nothing is more reprehensible.

Advancing technology complicates this issue....but we will save discussions for a future posts.

Hang on as the world is finally figuring out what Alstry has been blogging about for a few years.....

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