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CAPS portfolio - why?



December 20, 2006 – Comments (0)

Before doing any kind of a running commentary, I wanted to explain why I am playing / using / learning from CAPS. There, I've done it. OK - seriously, I work in Biotech / drug discovery but have done very little investing in the area (Don't $h!t where you eat and all that). I would like to run a sector CAPS portfolio in and around the Biotechnolgoy / health-care industries. Explore whether the expertise I have in this area extrapolates to investing.

I don't intend to play my real portfolio - there is some lessons that could be gleaned from that, such as keeping a running commentary in this forum, but the motivation for this already exists and I don't need CAPS for it.

I will mostly focus on going out on a limb with selections. I intend to make a number of speculative calls and see how they turn out vis-a-vis my original thesis. This will likely involve ending a lot of calls prematurely, if my original speculations don't play out. I do intend to pitch every selection I make.

Lastly, since I do some free lance writing for TMF, any opinion I offer on a company I discuss will get placed in my CAPS portfolio.

This should be fun, and we shall see how active it stays as time passes.

Ralph (Zz)

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