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Car Makers Congress and the wind.



November 15, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AUY , GLD , SLV

I was sound asleep when the wind woke me up from a dream. I was dreaming about Congress passing rules 10 to 20 years ago to make a NEW product for the Car Maker. What I mean was did they not give tax brakes to the American consumer if you bought a MIMI Van, SUV and then later on a Hummer?   Yes I do believe they did. Could it be that Congress wanted us to buy these Gas Hogs for a future purpose. How about the Oil industry behind that one. Bigger Better AND Safer. Who didn't want to keep your family safe. Not to mention all the Trucks you would need for the housing boom. Yea and we know how that one turned out. So before we all jump on the Band Wagon about the big 3 (except for GM who went into house loans.)  I suggest we look a little deeper into this mess and see what really happened. Oh and by the way when you talk about their pay just remember with inflation the way it was and the devaluation of the Central Bank money in 1970 they were making good money and 1 year ago people were griping about their wages being 35.00 dollars an hour. But please stop and think about this. Wages adjusted for inflation in 2007 35.00 an hour is min. wage back in 1970. That is how much  value we have lost in our currency. When they talk about how well Toyoda does at 18.00 an hour then dollar cost adjusted for inflation they are making 1/2 of what min wage was back in 1970. That is what I call SLAVE LABOR and the Bankers gotch again. You all are thinking small the way they want you to. So settle for what they dole out to you and thank the mighty MASSERS who dole out the miss information and their bread crumbs to keep you happy and fighting each other. IMO but then it is late at night and I did just after all just wake up from a sound sleep. Nite all.

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