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Caught Red-Handed? Give to Charity!



June 16, 2008 – Comments (1)

That's what Senator Kent Conrad -- still in full-on denial mode -- is trying now that he was caught finding out what Orange could do for him.

Speaking to the WSJ, Kent pulled a trick worthy of Slick Willie himself:

Take Senator Kent Conrad, the North Dakota Democrat whose office issued a Friday statement saying that "I never met Angelo Mozilo." What he did not say then but admitted under later questioning by a Journal reporter is that, although he may not have had a face-to-face meeting with the Countrywide CEO, Mr. Conrad had called Mr. Mozilo and asked for a loan. The result was a discounted loan on his million-dollar beach house and a separate commercial loan of a type that residential lender Countrywide did not even offer to other customers, regardless of the rate.

The NY Times reports his saying:

“Although I did not ask for or know that I was receiving a discount, and even though I was offered a competitive loan from another lender, I do not want to have received preferential treatment,” said Mr. Conrad, who said he was giving $10,500 to Habitat for Humanity. The amount was equivalent to estimates of what Mr. Conrad saved through a reduction of one point on a $1.07 million mortgage.

I have a better idea, Kent. How about you give your job back the people of North Dakota, and allow them to elect someone with ethics, you know, someone who doesn't call the CEO of a mortgage company to try and arrange financing on a million dollar house, then feign surprise when caught getting preferential treatment.

North Dakota, you deserve better than this guy. Why wait around to see how else he can roll his public position into personal gain? Toss him out.

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